Terran Empire
Timeline: Battle for Earth (Map Game)
TerranEmpire ProtossCOA
Flag Coat of Arms

For Empire, For People, For Glory (Terran)

Anthem "Terra the Great"
Capital Terra
Largest city Terra
Other cities Byam, Coites, Spemtrum
  others 24 languages
Religion None
Ethnic Group Terran
Demonym Terran
Government Empire
  legislature Imperial Senate
Emperor Sik-Yuw
  Royal house: Sik
Population 18,000,000,000,000 
Established 54 MYA
Currency Terra
Research Category % Complete
Pain Suppressor Military Complete
Anti-matter power Energy Complete
Nanites Military Complete
Photon Cannon Military Complete
Anti-matter weapon Military Complete
Battlefield (soldier HUD) v. 98.2.5 Military Complete
"Perfect" Cloning Scientific Complete
Individual Cloaking Scientific Complete
Biological Assimilation Science Complete
Battlefield (soldier HUD) v. 98.2.6 Military Complete
Sun-mining Energy Complete
Warp technology Industry Complete

Public Relations

Threat Level Alpha

Alpha is the highest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are actively at war against that species/nation

Threat Level Bravo

Bravo is the second highest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are currently involved in border skirmishes with them and are on the brink of war.

Threat Level Charlie

Charlie is the third highest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are almost positive of war against that species/nation and our troops are being mobilized.

Threat Level Delta

Delta is the fourth highest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are currently on bad ground with that nation- however, no physical violence has occurred.

Threat Level Echo

Echo is the third lowest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are currently on good but uncomfortable grounds with that nation/species- however, there is little to no risk of war.

Threat Level Foxtrot

Foxtrot is the second threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are on good terms and actively trading. However we are not on the same alliance.

  • Soram Empire
  • Holy Hazen Empire
  • Yagor Empire
  • Polandians
  • Praedonia
  • Skaven
  • Salambi-Perigrin Empire
  • Caribiu Confederation
  • Ahlose Alliance
  • Dravimosian Empire
  • Aesir
  • Azarian Empire
  • Byznatar Empire
  • Mech Network
  • Regentech Empire
  • Mantelar Alliance
  • Centri Republic
  • Polarans

Threat Level Golf

Golf is the lowest threat level a species or nation can pose to the Terran Empire. We are on good terms and actively trading. We also have an alliance.


The Terran Empire has no "homeworld", but has a main world, Terra. Terra is one of thousands of populated planets of the Terran Empire, the other 30,000 or so being Forge Worlds. In the Forge Worlds, parts of ships, military hardware, etc are created. Then, in a Construction World, where everything is built, when a Stargate begins building a ship, parts are warped in from the various Forge Worlds across the Terran Space. They are warped together, where it is quickly constructed in several hours. This is a closely guarded secret of the Terran Empire, and the process, which is purely automated, with no interference, is not known to even most of the Terran High Command.


The Terran Empire has long since began using anti-matter power- however, it was deemed inefficient next to the other energy source the Terrans have started mining- their sun. The Terran Empire perfected the art of literally mining the sun, getting the high-energy particles before they enter the heliosphere. It allows them to have almost unlimited energy, which powers the Warpgates and Stargates of the Empire. It is the most heavily guarded secret in the Terran world, even more so than warp technology.

Client species

The Terran Empire has hundreds of client species, species that had been conquered and submitted to the Empire. There were rebellions occasionally- the response was the harshest possible, short of destroying their sun. Their planet was bombarded with nation-sized asteroids whose course had been modified by the Terran Strategic Asteroid Forces.

The most useful client race is the X'enar, a hive mind race. They only need to control the central Mind Cluster, which controlled the rest of the race. The race, numbering in the trillions, was an expendable, cheap, and useful race. They would sacrifice thousands and tens of thousands to secure an objective, and could assimilate other organisms to their race.

List of client species:


The citizens of the Terran Empire are divided into three castes:

  • Ruling class
  • Combat class
  • Working class

All citizens are implanted with a tiny nanite when they are born, which is planted in their brain. What is only known to the Emperor and his close supporters is that every nanite has a "kill switch", which will immediately kill the victim with a release of a virus that will quickly multiply and kill. These chips also created a society in which there is no crime, as there is no way to avoid being hunted down and killed. There is no such thing as a "prison" in the Terran Empire. Instead, captured criminals are simply either killed, reeducated, or severely humiliated/wounded and let go. However, there are very few cases of criminals.


The Terran are a sapient humanoid race native to Terra. Their advanced technology complements and enhances their psionic mastery. Terran has always been divided into two factions, the Hahs and the Nerazim. The Terran civilization was reunified when the Khalai and Nerazim, sundered since the Discord, were reunited after the devastation of Terra by the Hoxians during the Terran-Hoxian War.


Nerazim, or the Fallen Ones or Dark Ones are the other sect of the Terrans. About 55,382,093 BC, a part of Terran society broke away from the Khala, severing their nerve cords on their head and leaving the Khala to join the Void. This led to the prosecution of the Nerazim and the order to execute every single Nerazim on 55,382,099. However, since most of the Terran leadership considered the Nerazim to be their brethren, albeit corrupted brethren, they secretly spared them and sent them to Umoja, a lightless world where they could live separately from the rest of the Terrans. There the Nerazim developed technologies shunned by the rest of the Terrans, as they considered it unnatural and evil- essentially, the Void.

The Void, while not, in a sense, more powerful than the Khala, allowed the user to more focus their energy and be more powerful in combat. It also gave them a sheet of invisibility that the Fallen Ones were born with. It can be turned on and off, and cannot be detected by infrared or thermal means.


Terrans are about 2 meters tall and have two eyes, digitigrade legs, semi-permeable skin, four digits on their hands (of which two are thumbs) and toes, broad chests and shoulders, and narrow waists with slim midsections. Extending back from the crown of the head, Terrans have a bony crest. The Terrans are incredibly adaptable to harsh natural conditions and climates, and their strength and speed were unparalleled amongst the other races. Terrans derive sustenance from light, capable of living off of moonlight (reflected sunlight), although to less effectiveness, and can go without light for extended periods of time. What little water they need is absorbed through the skin. The Terran, 63 million years ago modified themselves biologically and used other techniques to survive on the formerly lightless world of Liso. The Terrans used to hunt, but they did so to collect the blood and hides of animals for various purposes, not for sustenance. Terrans hear and smell through their skin, and it is believed that their primary sense is sight. Terrans have a sense of smell sharp enough to identify other Terrans and see very well at night. They are bereft of mouths, noses, or visible ears and are without a sense of taste. They possess three hearts. Terrans sleep and dream in a manner similar to humans. A Terran's average life expectancy is lengthy; Raszagal, aged 1045, was considered old. Terrans under 300 years rarely have any significant political positions. The Terrans have never been a prolific people and have traditionally bolstered their numbers with a variety of robotic war machines. Individual Terran warriors are unsurpassed in their skills, greatly enhanced by the combination of technology and formidable psionic strength. Nonetheless, the Terran s must rely on mobility and surprise to maximize their advantages without getting drawn into a battle of attrition. One of their greatest strengths lies in their fleet, which boasts a variety of ships powerful enough to pound an enemy to atoms.

The population of Terra had reached billions. Before the Fall of Terra, the Terran population was in decline due to systematic extermination; the Terrans were passing away from sheer age. Terran blood is blue or purple. As in humans, coloration is considered a sign of ethnicity, with each Terran clan having a specific subtly differing hue or typical pattern of markings associated with it. As with humans, Terrans have genetic material consisting of DNA with helix strands.


On the battlefield Terran warriors are known to fight with tremendous power and grace, but despite the chaos they inflict on their enemies they are capable of being mortally wounded. When a Terran nears death, their foes often bear witness to a startling flash of bright light as the Terran warrior seemingly disappears. Primitive races are known to quail in superstitious fear upon seeing this, but it is actually another aspect of Terran technology at work rather than any sort of supernatural feat.

Terran armor is typically equipped with a complex teleportation mechanism that can detect when its wearer is grievously injured and automatically teleports the warrior to the nearest safe haven. This of course is dependent on the mechanism being fully functional, as there is the risk of being damaged during combat. Those Terran who are too badly injured after the battle but still wish to continue fighting are placed within the shell of a dragoon or immortal, which allows them to serve their brethren on the battlefield. The choice is left to each individual Terran; whether to continue service or join with their ancestors in the Khala.

Any other species' understanding of Terran physiology is limited. Their respective biologies are similar enough for substances and drugs, such as Sundrop and a medic's medicine to affect both.

Mental abilities

Terrans are extraordinarily focused, to a degree unmatched by humans. Their powerful psionic abilities extend further than that of any other race. The Terran brain is similar in structure to a human brain. The most noticeable differences lie in the cerebellum, primarily in its size — it is elongated in comparison to humans. Terrans are natural mind-readers. Terrans must learn to filter the thoughts they read and filter (or block) the thoughts that they release (which would prevent other Terrans from reading their minds) The ability to block thoughts is compromised by the Khala, which prevents the Terrans which follow that philosophy from hiding from each other. During the Aeon of Strife, Terrans regularly used their mind-screening abilities to ambush each other.

Terrans can use their psionic abilities to shield themselves, charge their tools and weapons, and to make, manipulate or meld matter. At least some of these abilities can only be used by a small minority of Terrans without technological assistance (such as the creation of shields).


Terrans can communicate telepathically with each other. They can do so through "speaking", a method that transmits little or no emotional content.

Terrans can create a special kind of mind-meld deep within the Khala, where no one can lie. Terrans performing this kind of mind-meld hold up their hands and face their palms to each other; both palms softly glow.

Terrans "speak" a language called Khalani, communicating through telepathic bursts. The privacy of the conversation is up to those involved on it. Even through communication, pain can be caused via this telepathy via mental spikes. Terrans exposed to Terrans communication often hear nearly meaningless sounds. However, at least some Terrans have the ability to "translate" the thoughts into a form which a terran can understand. The Terrans of the Aeon of Strife did not understand the concept of non-psionic communication.

The Khala

The Khala is the main religion of the Terrans, also known as the Path of Ascension. Followers of this religion (95.2% of Terran population) are known as Khalai. The Khala was first created by primitive Terrans as a way of communication with each other, and allowed them to work efficiently in groups. As the Terrans developed, they also found ways to communicate telepathically with each other without the Khala- however, that form of communication could not convey any emotion. The Khala allowed the Terrans to do many things, such as granting them a huge amount of psionic energy, which they would not have without the Khala. A Terran can also literally "feed" off of the Khala, and can survive for months in a lightless world. The Khala also allowed the Terrans to preserve their memories, which can be encased in crystals for later historians to view. Utilizing both the Void and the Khala, while it can provide the user with huge amounts of power, can also destroy the individual depending on their mental strength.

The Void

The Void is the other main "religion" of the Terrans, although not a religion in a real sense. It is what Terrans who cut their nerve cords from their heads embrace, which gives them abilities, much as the Khala does. However, the Void and the Khala are two opposite things. The Void grants the user much individual will, which makes users almost impossible to break under torture. Some users are known to combine both the Khala and the Void, which gives them unimaginable power. However, it may cause them to burn out if they do not have the mental strength. One example of technology that utilizes both the Khala and the Void is the Void Ray, which gives it huge amounts of power for such a small ship. It can cut through the crust of a planet, which only carriers could do until this point.


Terran technology is a blend of psionics and mundane technology and has shown itself to be far more advanced than many other species of the galaxy, including humanity. Some of their technology requires vespene gas as a catalyst. Terran armor contains teleportation technology which whisks the warrior away to safety when they are injured to the point of death. Injured and crippled Terrans can be transformed into cybernetic warriors.

Due to their low population, the Terrans frequently use robots in their military.

Terran pilots are an integral part of their ship, and using it drains their energies.


Terran armor is a marvelous invention, and a closely guarded secret. When the wearer of the armor is critically injured, the suit automatically teleports them to a safe haven unless the feature is turned off or the suit is damaged. The armor is powered by psi, with vespene gas as a catalyst.


The Terrans have an array of weapons, with the foot soldiers mostly using their psi blades. Psi blades are powered by the user's psionic ability, and will die of the wearer is not conscious. No other recorded races can use their psi abilities to this extent, although some individuals have it without even knowing it, to a weak extent.

Some of the higher ranking Terrans have extremely devastating weapons, such as guns and the Nerazim have warp blades, which call upon the Void instead of the Khala to produce their weapons. Warp blades are about 5 times more powerful than psi-blades, as instead of being made of psi and energy, they are literally a very small black hole condensed into a blade, which would allow them to easily kill warriors. It is used only by the Nerazim as most of the Terran despise the Void and fear it, as much as the Nerazim despise the Khala. Warp rays are unseen by the human eye, although on thermal vision it appears as a blackness where there is no heat.


Terran ships are powered by a combination of nuclear fusion and psi, with vespene gas acting as a catalyst. The ships are guided by mere thought process, which allows incredible micromanagement and control for the pilots, as the speed of thought is the fastest thing in the universe.

The ships are armed with a variety of weapons, most of them having a prismatic beam, which will increase in power the longer it is activated. This beam would be powered by both the power of the Void and the Khala, making it exceptionally powerful. The ship with the most powerful weapon is the Void Ray, which has the most focused beam. It can slice through the most powerful of armor and even cut through the crust of a planet.

The most powerful ship of all is the Carrier, which contains interceptors that do high amounts of damage with their beams. The interceptors are robotic, and contain an AI. However, they can be overridden and controlled from the carrier if any trouble occurs. They contain up to 152 of them each, and can build more on the ship itself through warping. It can build 5 interceptors in 3 minutes, which leads to them being very powerful.

One of the most powerful ships is the Command Center, which is the center of operations for the entire fleet. It contains powerful engines as well as a cloaking device that will cloak all friendly units in a 1000 mile radius. It does not, however, have any good weapons, and mostly relies on its speed and shields to defend itself. It has dozens of escorts.

Shield Battery

One of the greatest Terran inventions is the Shield Battery. Every fleet has at least six, and a shield battery will charge up a ship's shields in a second, which is invaluable in many cases. The shields are, however, vulnerable to EMP bursts, although they are armored against those.


Nanites are tiny robots manufactures by the Terran that are measure in nanometers. They are extremely small, and can be sprayed over an area for surveillance and assassination purposes. Every Terran citizen has a nanite in their body with a kill switch that will stop all three of their hearts, and they will die. A nanite, once it is inside the body, will replicate itself until thousands of itself exist in the body.



  • Space Construction Vehicle: Commonly referred to as an SCV, the Space Construction Vehicle, has the ability to warp in buildings from construction worlds, as well as gather resources such as vespene gas and indrin minerals.
  • Marine: A marine is the core of the Terran military, and the weakest unit besides the SCV. They have two powerful psionic blades, powered by the marine’s psi. They are also usually equipped with a powerful suit of armor that gives them additional strength, stamina, and power. This suit also has a teleportation device that will teleport a grievously injured marine back to a safe haven.
  • Armored Land Walker: The Armored Land Walker, also known as the stalker is the next tier up from the marine in terms of firepower and armor. It has two powerful psi cannons, as well as directed laser cannons. ALWs are generally serviced by a Terran who has been grievously injured in combat and cannot return as a marine. It’s most useful ability is the “blink” ability, which lets it teleport a short distance. This is especially useful in either chasing down enemies or retreating. Stalkers with the blink ability, which comprises the bulk of all stalkers, are called “blink stalkers”.
  • Reaper: The reaper evolved from a civilian mobile manufacturing unit that was militarized to become a mobile artillery piece, ensuring that fewer lives would be lost when assaulting enemy bases. Somewhat fittingly, reapers are renowned for leveling entire colonies in moments. The reaper itself does not mount any weaponry, but instead houses a micro-manufacturing plant similar to the carrier, producing tiny robotic drones known as scarabs.
  • Colossus: The colossus is an antiquated Terran war machine, dating back to the Kalath Intercession. It is a towering construct, striding across the battlefield on four tall, slender legs which give it an extremely high level of mobility. The great height of the machine allows it to step up and down cliffs and other steep elevations with little difficulty, and gives it a dominating field of fire. The heavily armored hull of the colossus carries two powerful thermal lances: one mounted on each side of its body. Complex focusing and targeting systems are used to pinpoint the continuous damage output of the thermal lances for optimal efficiency. A colossus's beam cuts a fiery swath of destruction through multiple enemies with each firing cycle, able to reduce a group of marines to ashes in an instant. The colossus is unique in that it was created purely as a war machine, in contrast to most Terran automatons which were mainly created for industrial and/or resource gathering purposes.