Gynamade (Red Sun)

Terramyde and its two moons

Terramyde is the fifth planet from the Sun and the second habitable terrestrial planet orbiting it.

home of the human race. Terramyde formed 4.5 billion years ago (and was pushed out of Jupiter's orbit). It is the second largest terrestrial planet in the Solar System with a diameter of 12,780 km. Its biosphere is a diverse chain of aerobic and anaerobic lifeforms, ranging from single-celled organisms to complex organisms.

Terramyde's outer crust is segmented into different plates capable of shifting over long periods of time.


Terramyde has a thick atmosphere which helps regulate the temperature around the planet. It is composed primarily of Nitrogen (72%), Oxygen (27%), and other gases (1%). Its average temperature is 18˚C/68˚F, which is very warm and enables jungles to grow in many parts of the world.



Aether is Terramyde's largest moon, most probably once a planet, captured by Terramyde's orbit (which the Langarian Big Crash Theory disputes). It has a rugged, mountainous terrain with a thick, nearly planet-wide forest covering the mountain tops. It played a prominent role in early mythology. The result of Aether's strong tug on Terramyde creates unusually high tides in the summer, though they are not dangerous.


Hemera is Terramyde's other moon, which has been confirmed to be a planet captured by Terramyde orbit. It is a desolate and barren moon, unlike its counterpart, and has no atmosphere. Because Hemera is small moon, it has considerably less tug on Terramyde and also played a prominent role in early mythology. Hemera's tug helps contradict much of the pull that Aether has on Terramyde's seas.


See main article: Geography of Terramyde

Continents of Ganymede (Red Sun)


Terramyde is organized into seven different continents - Eurapus, Aethifa, Hinujsa, Thoron, Hunag-Wei, Mathulia and Mathulius.


Terramyde has five accepted oceans - three of them in mid latitudes: Bathutta, Phimkades and Gushen. The other two Ounk, and Oonouck are both polar. Oceans on Terramyde take up 65% of the surface, with the other 35% being land and other islands.


See main articles: Timeline (Red Sun), Timeline of Terramyde (Red Sun)

In Fiction

Star Trek

Terramyde is the head of the Union of Confederate Planets, an inter-galactic alliance spanning over 525 home worlds and their territories.


For 50 years, the secrets of the Stargate have been hidden by the Governments of the UCR and the UM. The time has come for the Stargate Program to go public...

2183: Doomsday

230 years on, the world struggles to come to terms with itself, yet as the first Aetherian colony is established, mankind looks up to a brighter future.

2305: Apocalypse

The United Planet

Currently being reworked.

Geopolitical Introduction=

For the past two centuries Terramyde has been caught in a relative competition between two ideologies - Social Fegellism and Collectivism (derived from Socialism). Fegellism named after the scientist Andrew Fegel is the idea humans do best in a survival to the fittest situation where individuals look after themselves. Collectivism, on the other hand, is concerned with the well being of an entire community instead of a single person.

After the First Cold-War, Fegellism dominated the world in the early 23rd century pronounced by the U.S.V, U.K and U.R. Fegellism has long since fallen into decline, turbulence and confusion on and off for the past few decades.

Collectivism once considered a failed ideology after the collapse of the first USR (Union of Socialist Republics) has reappeared and even thrived due to its ability to achieve stability in contrast with Fegellism. Other nations using Collectivism include the UESR (Union of Eastern Socialist Republics) The Commune of Phimkades, The Confederation of Free Ampholinia and many others.

The Cold War between collectivism and Fegellism has continued on and off for nearly two centuries in all areas, space colonization, cultural achievements and military power.

The World

Map of the World (Red Sun)

The rest are tbc...

Part of the Red Sun timeline.

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