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The Human species first evolved on the islands of Celadaramara. After a long prehistory, humans developed into an advanced society and three powerful kingdoms emerged on the continent.

The Northern Kingdom became dominant and was the first to explore the oceans. The continent of Kerila was discovered, and Celadaramarians began colonizing these wild lands.

Soon after human first set foot on the Kerila continent, the three kingdoms were at war. As a result of the war, contact was lost between the two continents. From this moment, the history of humanity went two different ways.

Kerilians became primitive after the old kingdom's collapse and began warring among themselves. Their Celadaramarian origin became legend, and humans slowly began migrating to the west. A few centuries later, all continents became populated from this Kerilian route; spurring many kingdoms and empires.

In pre-modern history, several countries became superpowers. Oranje (an island in the northern part of present-day Oranje Free State), Raya (which eventually collapsed into many smaller states), Rakousko (which was often ruled by totalitarian regimes), Kenet (a powerful trading state) and Daltia.

These were the nations that began to explore the globe. The continent of Kerila was rediscovered and its 'primitive' inhabitants were colonized by the Kenet Empire and Oranje. When Oranje discovered Celadaramara, the world was thrown into a paradigm shift.

They found an isolated island nation with technology many times more advanced than that of other cultures. The Celadaramarians were not surprised by these new humans. They had always been aware of the existence of other lands, but decided not to seek out contact. The Celadaramarians were ehtnically and culturally very different from other people, but their language was remotely similar to languages on the Kerila continent.

Today, Celadaramara is still an elusive and somewhat xenofobic country that limits its interaction with the now-globalized world. Its technoligical superiority remains. Oranje Free State is the world's leading superpower, and its language has become a global lingua franca. Greater Rakousko is the Oranje Free State's main enemy. With a powerful military and commonplace human rights violations, Rakousko constantly tries to expand its sphere of influence.

List of countries by Continent


  • Celadaramara


Map Kerila
  • Arangara
  • Cellam
  • Cuuoo 
  • Edo 
  • Fireland 
  • Kawaria 
  • Maa'laa
  • New Oranje 
  • Oceanic Oranje 
  • Yamaya


  • Oranje Free State


Map Elicia
  • Andamarka
  • Ark of Aria
  • Fabel
  • Hayak
  • Melomatamia


Map Westland
  • Aal'Iiaz
  • Absynsilia
  • Al'Araz
  • Al'maz
  • Al'Zad
  • Aluk-Slak
  • Aluktuq
  • Asakh
  • Asihala
  • Azgi
  • Central U.Z.A
  • Chamxe
  • Dhaga Valle
  • East-Numiba
  • Fyrimarka
  • Ifriqiuk
  • Indic Empire
  • Iqsalii
  • Kadalii
  • Kenet Empire
  • Kingdom of the Numib Desert
  • Lvira
  • Mazbad
  • Morow
  • Norrood
  • Rastii
  • Rhodesia
  • Selorong
  • Slakia
  • Som-Xe
  • Southcoast
  • Tenjik Kingdom
  • Uzarad
  • Veenray
  • West-Numiba
  • Yamarala
  • Yaravania
  • Zqikdgd


Map Eastland
  • Daltia
  • Danray
  • Greater Rakousko
  • High Pamlii
  • Inray
  • Kanrei
  • Kinlay
  • Latina Island
  • Livia
  • Low Pamlii
  • Marqualinray
  • Neustria
  • Northern Kanrei
  • Pamlii
  • Serei
  • Unlay
  • Unlii
  • Vinrei


Map Lidicia
  • Central Republic
  • Kuruna
  • Lidican States
  • lolosalai
  • Lothan-Scandia
  • Miria
  • North Lidica
  • Orgun
  • Pirai
  • Rumania
  • Scellamania
  • Sololai
  • South Lidica
  • United Lantia
  • Uzunda
  • Xo'q
  • Yossia

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