Terocyglycmoisis or Teromoisis as it is commonly referred to by the Public and Media is a mind control Parasite that was unearthed after a mass grave of Vikings was discovered in North Dublin, Ireland during the construction of the 2007 Dublin Metro North on the 01 June .


When it began to infect people all over the world the infected were confused with Zombies. Though this was false and caused mass panic, but the disease did have the same method of spreading its infected were fully alive and could sill use melee weapons and most could speak. Though hours after infection memory loss did leave most of the infected's general knowledge and vocabulary gone this was caused by Dementia onset accidentally when the parasite dug deeper into the patient's brain


  • Severe Paranoia
  • Mania
  • Polyphagia (compulsive hunger)
  • Cannibalism (not a symptom but caused by the Polyphagia)
  • Autophagia (eating of their own flesh) (caused by Polyphagia, not a symptom)
  • Nonstop Psychosis (outbreaks of Violence)
  • Deliruim
  • Urge to kill
  • Dementia (not part of the disease but is accidently triggered.)

Infection process

It takes anywhere between 14 hours and 4 days for the infected to display symptoms.

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