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The Haudenosaunee

Here, Haudenois words are given in literal English with or without their OTL approximations.

  Word in English OTL
Haudenosaunee Iroquois
Haudenois Iroquois as called first by the French, then all Europeans
Mingo the official language of the Haudenois
úwitekek the currency of the Haudenois
Pow'attan Potomac river (WV/VA, MD, DC)
Doleto the Strait of Detroit
Passawampaby River St. John (New Brunswick)
Man'hattan Akwahsíá'kahao Island of Hills Navy Haudenois sea fleet stationed at Manhattan Island
Unenö'keteka'tæætö South Fort Miami
Katyus Káôwö battleships
Kaháwaniyúnutak'aa shallow boat sloop
Kanöhsésunôtút the Long Mountains Newfoundland's northern peninsula

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