Glossary of Terms

Bannag River Called as Cagayan river in OTL

Katagalugan and Selurong The names of Luzon in Irraya, the term Tagalog was used by the Tagalog Dynasty or the Dynasty of Tondo to describe their subjects and the rulers from the Dynasty of Tondo called themselves King of the Tagalogs so the name of Dynasty was the Tagalog Dynasty, but that is according to the Historiography of Irraya.

Tagalog Dynasty The name of the Dynasty that ruled from Tondo before the Bruneians destroyed and sacked Tondo, the known surviving line are the rulers of Irraya who form the house of Irraya.

Tapanga The native name of OTL Taiwan, it is an island filled with tribes who are remotely related to each other and the only known state there is the Kingdom of Middag.

Nueva Castilla The name of the Spanish occupied Luzon, Nueva Castilla is very heavily Christianized. Nueva Aragon Spanish Occupied Sabah.

Carolia The name of Spanish occupied Mindanao.

Paragoa The Spanish name of Palawan.

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