All references to terms on this page use OTL terms, and reference the ATL on occasion. Note: While names would normally use Greek characters (due to the development of Anglish in the timeline), it has been simplified to the languages used in OTL. Old Norse, however, would have still stayed very similar to OTL, as Germanic runes, which Norse was influenced by, existed before Macedonia did.

Timeline Terms

This is a list of terms used to give background on the odd abbreviations used in this TL.

  • ​TL - Timeline
  • OTL​ - Our Timeline; this means the world that we live in, not the people who exist in Grand Union.
  • ATL - Alternate Timeline; this is the world of Grand Union (the world affected by the points of divergence).
  • PoD - Point of Divergence; the points of time where events happened differently than in our timeline.
  • IOTL - In Our Timeline
  • IATL - In the Alternate Timeline



Iseldir is the name for OTL Earth. It is adopted from the word for "lowlands" in Welsh, due to the "ground of Earth being located so far under the sky".

  • Aztlan - The name for OTL North America, named after the legendary home of the Aztecs. People from Aztlan are called Aztecah, which means "people from Aztlan" in Nahuatl.
  • Suyo - The name for OTL South America.
  • Europa - The name for OTL Europe.
  • Ifran - The name for OTL Africa. Ifran was the early name for the continent in OTL itself.
  • Aoteroa - OTL Australia and Oceania. In the native Maori language, it means "land of the long white cloud".


Ascomanni Union

Ascomanni was the German word for "Men of Snow", which was the name adopted by Scandinavia after Denmark and Norway united.


Lochlanach was a word referring to the "Men of Ash", which changed to mean the whole of Scandinavia in the timeline.

  • Finnland - The name for South Finland. Adopted from the Finns, who lived in what is now Finland.
  • Gautarland - The name for Sweden. Adopted from the Geats, who lived in Sweden.
  • Jutland - The name for Denmark. Adopted from the Jutes who lived in the area.
  • Sámiland - The name for North Finland and Sweden. Adopted from an old name for the Sapmi.
Pyrdain and Éire

Pyrdain was the original name for Britain, before it became bastardized into it's current version. Éire was the native term for Ireland.

  • Alba - The name for Scotland. Adopted from the native term for the area.
  • Anglia - The name for England. Adopted from the Angles who migrated to Britain.
  • Beolláin - The name for the region around Meath, Leinster, and Ossory. Beolláin was an Old Irish Surname, and in GU "Oisín Beolláin" was a famous tribal leader.
  • Coriánde - The name for South Ireland, around the area of Munster. Stemming off of the Coriondi tribe, who lived near the Hibernians.
  • Faolánachta - The name for the region around Connacht. While Connacht (coming from Connachta) means "Descendants of Conn", Faolánachta means "Descendants of Faolán".
  • Ordovik - The name for Wales. Adopted from the Ordovices, an ancient Celtic tribe.

Austkaldr is a combination of the Old Norse words for "east" and "cold". It is the area around the Baltics, and Ascomanni Russia.

  • Rikiborg - North Russia, near the regions of Tver and Vologda. The term means "kingdom of towns" in Old Norse.
  • Rus - The area around North Belarus, and the Russian regions bordering it.

Vestrbjǫð means "West Land", and it is the name of the Ascomanni holdings in North America, or Aztlan.

  • Klæðiland - The area around Nunavut, in the far north of Canada. It literally translates to "Cloth Land", but in OTL the term "Klæði" was a root word for the Norse name for the Native Americas.
  • Mǫrkey - The island of Newfoundland, specifically. It translates to "Forest Island" in Old Norse.
  • Eldivðrland - The area around Ontario and Manitoba, it literally translates to Firewood Land.
  • Bátrkanna - The region of Maine, it literally translates to "boat explore", due to the large amount of ports in the region.


Akkadian Empire

The Akkadian Empire was a former state in what is now the Babylonia province of Persia.

  • Akkad - Capital of the Akkadian Empire and home of Sargon.
  • Elam - A pre-Persian civilization.
  • Magan - The Akkadian term for Oman.
  • Kaptara - The Akkadian term for Cyprus.

Bodies of Water


  • Depetmew Ocean - The Indian Ocean; meaning "Boat Water" in Egyptian.


  • Aramoana Sea - The Tasman Sea; meaning "Sea Pathway" in Maori.
  • Euxine Sea - The Black Sea
  • White Sea - The Mediterranean Sea


  • Kinisi - OTL film, developed by the Macedonians. "Kíni̱si̱" is the Greek word for "moving". The name was adopted into the ATL version of English.
  • Janpuzumen - OTL animation, developed by the Japanese. Meaning "jumping drawings", it was also adopted into Anglish.

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