Take note that I have only listed things which have different names than our (English) names (thus we do have a name for it), that are mentioned in this 'timeline', and that (closely) resemble the same things. As such, Terra Nova, or North America, is listed because it closely (but not exactly) resembles what we know as North America. But as we only have two continents in the Americas (North America and South America), and the world of 'Roma Delenda Est' has three (they have the continent Aztlan in what resembles the area Mesoamerica), the third continent isn't listed, as we don't have a continent that could resemble Aztlan (even though we do have an area that could, Mesoamerica). Also, while most names are Latin, that mainly is because I can't find a Punic translator, and I also can't find the Carthaginian names for things like the Alps or such. As such, I've decided to use Latin names, even though the world mostly knows them by either the Punic name or the name in their own language.


Europe - Europa
Africa - Afrika
North America - Terra Nova
South America - Nova Afrika
Australia - Insula Magna


Italian Peninsula / Apennine Peninsula - Peninsula Roma / Roma Peninsula / Peninsula Romanum / Romanum Peninsula / Romanum (Romanum can refer to both the nation of Roma and the area of the Peninsula Roma)
Arabian Peninsula - Peninsula Arabia (which could also refer to the continent, which encompasses slightly more than the Peninsula Arabia)
Egypt - Aigyptos
Iberian Peninsula - Peninsula Iberia / Iberia / Hispania (while the names do exist in our timeline and are still used too, I still decided to mention them, and I'm not sure whether Peninsula Iberia is mentioned in this 'timeline', but well)


Alps - Alpis


Sicily - Sicilianu
Skopelos - Peparethos

Waters (seas, rivers, oceans, et cetera)

Ebro - Iberus
Rhone - Rhodanus
Adriatic Sea - Mare Superum / Mare Hadriaticum / Mare Adriaticum
Black Sea - Pontus Euxinus
Caspian Sea - Mare Hycarnium / Mare Caspium / Hycarnia Mare / Mare Parthiae
Persian Gulf - Persikonkaitas / Draya Tya Haca Parsa Aitiy (although the latter is (almost) never used)


Carthage - Carthago (Carthago can refer to both the city and the nation)
Rome / Roman Empire - Roma / Imperium Romanum / Romanum (Roma can refer to both the city and the nation, Romanum can refer to both the nation of Roma and the area of the Peninsula Roma)
Greece - Graece / Magna Graece / Makedonia (although they all refer to a different version of Graece)
Thrace - Thracia


Carthage - Carthago (Carthago can refer to both the city and the nation)
Rome - Roma (Roma can refer to both the city and the nation)
Athens - Athenai
Macedon - Makedonia


Philip V - Philippos V (or Philippos E (the Greek number 5), but that isn't mentioned in this 'timeline')
Alexander the Great - Alexandros Magnos


Punic Wars - Phoenician Wars (yes, that is anglicized, and no, the people in the world of 'Roma Delenda Est' don't use this name nor have they ever heard of it nor does it even exist) / Bellum Punicum / Bellum Phoenicum
Macedonian Wars - Makedonian Wars (again, that is anglicized and this term doesn't really exist, instead, as with the Phoenician Wars, it is translated in whatever language someone speaks)

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