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This is a list of all terminology used in The Right Turn.


  • Abkhazia- Georgia
  • Acadia- Nova Scotia and the surrounding region
  • Al-andalus- Iberia
  • Aotearoa - New Zealand
  • Askum- Ethiopia, sometimes used to refer to the entire Horn of Africa
  • Australis- New Holland, also sometimes used to refer to the whole of the main Australian island
  • Cascadia- British Columbia and parts of OTL Yukon, Alaska, Washington State, and Oregon
  • Central Indies- Indian subcontinent
  • Cyrene- Cyrenaica
  • Dar al-Islam- Arabia and parts of Persia
  • Haiti- all of Hispaniola
  • India- Indian subcontinent
  • Judea- eastern Palestine
  • Kandy- Ceylon
  • Macedonia- Greek Peninsula
  • Makuria- Sudan
  • Mamluk Sultanate- Egypt
  • Markaz- The area in between the former Byzantium and Sassanid Empires; northern Arabia and the eastern Caucasus
  • Mauretania- most of North Africa
  • Nabatea- Sinai Peninsula
  • Odinia- North America plus Iceland and Inuit-controlled Kamchatka
  • Palaestina- western Palestine, parts of OTL Levant
  • Papua- whole of New Guinea
  • Persia- Iran
  • Pirate Coast- the southern coast of Arabia and parts of the Horn of Africa
  • Pskov- The land in between the Baltic states and Russia
  • Sabratha- Tripolitania
  • Severa- Kola and parts of northern Finland and Norway
  • Syria- Levant
  • Yíntǔdì- South America, lower Antilles, Barbados, and southern Central Americas

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