In the timeline Saint Muhammad, some terms are vastly different from those in OTL. The following is a list of important terms.

Nations and territories

Aram - The territory comprising most of the Fertile Crescent, excepting the Levant and Egypt, plus territory on the Syrian Desert.

Arabistan - Arabia

Awal - Bahrain

Mandaestan - OTL Khuzestan, Luristan, Ilam and Kermanshah.

Nabatea - The territiory between Sham, Syria, Hijaz and Judea.

Syria - Not only used to determine OTL Syrian territory, but everything west of the Euphrates until the Mount Lebanon Range in the West, and down to Nabatea and Judea. (not to be confused with Sham)

Sham - The northernmost part of Arabistan, between Nejd and Mesopotamia

Elam - Southern Iran

Kimit - Egypt (more specifically, the Nile River and the Eastern Desert)

Palestine - The area of the Levant inhabited by Arabs and Copts,

Axum - Formerly referring to only Ethiopia, but now to all of the Horn of Africa and Nubia.


Copts - Egyptians

Cities and Small Places

Gombroon - Bandar 'Abbas

Abad-Shahr: Later Bandar 'Abbas

Shafawaj: Qatar-UAE border

CSAO - Ctesiphon-Seleucia-[Veh] Ardashir-[New] Opis

Eliat - Aqaba

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