Terin or the Blue Tree Republic is one of the few frontiers states to grow into a full empire. It's the largest and second most populated nation in North America. The nation is also one of the most militant in North America and dominates in both land and sea. With its military status its alliances are with pro-abolitionist nations such as the Californa Republic, Kansas and the United States along with Quebec. Its main enemies are the United Kingdom and the Colorado Union. The nation was first a confederation of city-states on May 12, 1823 and then unified as a republic on June 9, 1826.
The Federal Republic of Terin
"The Blue Tree Republic"
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Dern
Largest city Thomasburg
Other cities Linuk



Language English (official)



  others Orthodox
Demonym Terinian


Before the area of Terin was settled the events of the French-American War (1819-21) and the issues of the Louisiana Crisis (1818), Great Revival (1818), and Free Frontier Crisis (1819) all took place in the United States. The United States issue with the French that brought them to war was the Louisiana Crisis. This crisis was in post Napoleonic times where the second French Republic demands their old territory back in exchange for triple what the US paid. The French wanted the territory for all of its resources in the hopes to rebuild France.

At the same time the Great Revival occurred in the southern United States, which with all the religious movement boosted support of slavery in great numbers and started to spread northward. At the same time the northern regions took to abolitionist movement as the industry got bigger and the immigrants came in larger and larger numbers. The north needed no slaves for agriculture as it got most of it from the south and the immigrants brought more abolitionist ideas to the areas where they live i.e. big cities of which the south had few. This brought a split in the United States and the government. The presidential candidates were President James Monroe who was assassinated by the French before the election; Samuel Gather, a pro-slavery candidate and pro-French plantation owner, and Robert Jackson an abolitionist and anti-French general. By the state of the French-American war the south afraid of the elections seceded into the Confederate States of America and joined the French.

Then came the Free Frontiers crisis, in which many Americans, Confederates and immigrants who looked down on the ideas and politics of the nations on the eastern seaboard and sought the Louisiana territory as uncontrolled land during the War. These people went westward to start their own society free from what they called corrupt politics.

These people went west in the thousands and formed: the Colorado union, the Texas Republic, the California Republic, Terin, and Kansas. Although Oklahoma was territory from the US given to the Native Americans kicked off their land across the country the people unified unto the Tribal Confederation and spread northward after its unification.

AT this time many people were attracted to go to the Pacific northwest, the land were Lewis and Clark ended their journey. There, a group of a thousand or so people discovered a plateau looking over the ocean with a small plain and in the middle of that plain stood a blue tree. This tree was where Native Americans had bonfires. It was also the future home to the capital  of Terin, Dern. 


The founding started after the cities of Dern, Linuk and Thomasburg were establish as towns. Each town was coastal-based and had growing population of over ten thousand. Each one was also a city all by 1823. On may that year leaders from each city and small growing towns inland gather at Dern. There they talked about becoming one unified nation. And thus they did on May 12, 1823. They formed a confederation that allowed all of the cities to governed themselves. Although it worked in the beginning the population rose from immigrants from the post war USA and CSA along with many British, Irish and German settlers. The population was ten times bigger three years later than what it was on 1823. So on June 9 1826, the confederation was disbanded and a Federal government was established.

Terinian-British wars

The First Terinian-British War(1823-24)

Booming Times

Great American War




Diplomatic Relations

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