Dravimos Empire
Orbital Radius 1.3 AU
Radius 6,451 km
Day Length 24.89 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure .79 atm
Surface Temp 24 °C
Surface Gravity .99 g
Mass 0.98 Earth Masses
Satellites 1
Capital Derxaxsis
Native Species N/A
Population (Planetside) 3.5 Billion
Population (Space Stations) 1.1 Million

Terantaos is the third planet in the Zeris system and is one of the Dravimosian Empire's most important resource worlds.


Terantaos is named after the Dravimos god of earth, stone, sand, metal, wealth, and conviction.


The main part of the Terantaos economy is based on the planet's oil and mineral extraction. Due to a unique ecosystem, oil is rapidly produced by the planet's flora, resulting in large seas and lakes of pure oil that wax and wane between extraction and replenishment.

Water is a rarity on Terantaos and, despite the presence of a few subterranean springs, has to be imported.

Industry, in addtion to the extraction of the planet's resources, typically produces plastics made out of the local oil.

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