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The Tenth Crusade
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The Battle of Edirne (Adrianople), 1547
Date March 15th 1517-August 6th 1594
Location Balkans, Mediterranean Sea, Anatolia
Result Victory for the Holy League
Holy League:

• Holy Roman Empire

• Kingdom of France

• Kingdom of England

• Kingdom of Spain (from 1519)

• Kingdom of Portugal

• Kingdom of Hungary

Ottoman Empire
• Kalmar Union (from 1520)

• Principality of Wallachia (from 1536)

Safavid Dynasty


418,000 men:

• 94,000 Germans

• 72,000 French

• 69,000 English

• 51,000 Spanish

• 32,000 Portuguese

• 30,000 Swedes

• 30,000 Danes

• 28,000 Hungarians

• 12,000 Wallachians

246,000 men:

• 212,000 Ottomans

• 34,000 Persians (1522-1536)

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