The following are templates used in the Pax Columbia timeline.

  This Althistory is a part of the Pax Columbia world.
Federated States of Columbia FSC banner
We seek any additions from the community. @CassAnaya is the original author of this ALT. Write the author a message. For article suggestions from the author: Portal Page. Please add any applicable templates. Suggestions to maintain quality: Letter to the Editor.

Under Construction

Under contruction icon-red The following Pax Columbia page is under construction.

Please do not edit or alter this article in any way while this template is active. All unauthorized edits may be reverted on the admin's discretion. Propose any changes to the talk page.


  This Pax Columbia page is a Proposal.
Federated States of Columbia FSC (Pax Columbia) Darker
The page can be made canon when it feels complete. An article feels complete when 1. it has multiple topics with content that fit the Pax Columbia world, 2. the article has pictures, 3. the article has full links to existing Pax Columbia pages, and 4. a full support infobox/template. main discussion page page.


Author: CassAnaya

Help contribute to Pax Columbia by visiting the Pax Columbia Portal.

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