The Tempestatum refers to the years spanning the PoD in 450 AD to the year 850 AD. In the Shadow of the Eagles TL, the term Tempestatum is a modern term coined by historians in the 19th century for the upheaval following the mass barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire, the religious turmoil following the failed Council of Chalcedon, and the fragmentation of the Eastern Roman Empire. This era also saw the creation and evolution of cultures as barbarian and Romans fused in Gaul and Iberia, particularly in the volatile areas retaken by the Western Roman Empire in the 7th and 8th centuries.

In an effort to maintain neatness and ease of navigation, this article will be divided by century and decade. To return to the portal page, click this link. The Tempestatum is followed by the Castellum Era.

Century V

450 AD - 459 AD

450 AD

The earliest point of divergence between our timeline and the Shadow of the Eagles timeline took place in 450 AD, The specifics of the point of divergence are not known in particular, yet multiple events in the 450 AD of this timeline are different from that of OTL. Perhaps the most consequently, Chrysaphius, a eunuch in the Eastern Roman Empire, is not executed for another two months, resulting in the Eastern Roman Empire continuing to pay tribute to Attila the Hun for this time. These funds arguably enabled the Hunnic invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire years later. While it is possible that this is the earliest point of divergence from our timeline, it is unlikely that the survival of this eunuch had such a profound effect on history, butterfly effect or not.

451 AD

452 AD

453 AD

454 AD

455 AD

456 AD

457 AD

458 AD

459 AD

460 AD - 469 AD

Century VI

Century VII

Century VIII

Century IX

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