TCRJP (Telewizja Carstwa Rosjyskiego w jezyku polskim) Is the Russian national state channel for the Polish National Minority of the Russian Empire. It is currently a joint venture between Polish national state TV (TVP) and RTR (Russian national state television) It currently offers a general program with news, sports, and children programs, as in all the TV's in the Russian empire, all gossip programs are banned ( Imperial Decree 250 of 1938) both on the radios and the TV's. It broadcasts its own news programs but it also broadcasts the TVP news programs "Wiadomosci" and "Pogoda". It also broadcasts the Polish top level of football league, the Ekstraklasa. One important point of its sport programation is the broadcasts of the Polish National Motorcycle Speedway (Ekstraliga Speedway, the most followed sport in Poland) championships, and also the international ones. Whether other football competitions come, they also broadcast the Polish Cup. It also broadcasts the Polish national basketball league and its national teams, like they do in all the other sports.

TCRJP actually has the same logos and designs that TVP, but showing its initials instead of the ones of TVP.

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