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Telegrafny Ruchey (Russian America)

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Telegrafny Ruchey
Телеграфный Ручей
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Telegraph Creek
Downtown Telegrafny Ruchey
Country Flag of Alaska (Russian America) Alaska
Governorate Flag of Sitka (Russian America) Sitka
Uyezd Telegrafnorucheyny Uyezd
Founded 1860s
Russian (de facto)
  Other languages Finnish, Norwegian, Tahltan
  Other religions Buddhists, Eastern Orthodox
Ethnic groups
Norwegians and Russians
  other English, Finns, Tahltan
Time zone IST (UTC-9)
  summer IDT (UTC-8)

Telegrafny Ruchey (Russian: Телеграфный Ручей, lit. "Telegraph Creek") is the second largest city of the Alaskan governorate of Sitka (after New Archangel). The city is located on the northern bank of the Stakhin River and shares a border with Tongass to the city's south.

The area of the Upper Stakhin was originally inhabited by the Tahltan people. The Russian Empire mostly left these areas untouched until the 1860s following the discovery of gold. The population continued to boom following the completion of the Russian-American Telegraph and the Trans-Alaskan Railway. The settlement of Telegrafny Ruchey was named after the stream of the same name, which in turn was named in reference to the telegraph lines built in the area.

Because of its central location within Russian America, the city soon developed into a railway hub which connected the southernmost colonies with the north. In recent decades, Telegrafny Ruchey has established itself as a manufacturing hub. The city is well noted as being the headquarters of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

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