Teleford Archdale st. Colthurst O'Merle
Timeline: Great White South

Portrait of

6th Prime Minister of Eduarda
1948 – 1957

Predecessor Sir Forest Kosluck
Successor Charles Wickleton

Prime Minister of Eduarda (2nd term)
1960 – 1963

Predecessor Charles Wickleton
Successor Nigel Edgar Falconer

Leader of the Opposition
1957 – 1960

Minister for Labour and Fishing
1932 – 1933

Born July 28, 1902
Flag of British Antarctica Nova Hibernia, British East Antarctica
Died October 31st, 1964 (aged 62)
Newfoundland Tricolour Newfoundland
Spouse None
Political Party Labour Party
Profession Poet, Fisherman, Politician

Teleford O'Merle was an Eduardian politician, renowned poet, and businessman, who served as the country's Prime Minister from 1948 to 1957, and again from 1960 to 1963. O'Merle was one of the first members of the newly formed Labour party and was influenced by his work and observations as a fisherman.

Although quiet and somewhat lonesome in parliament, O'Merle was not afraid to stand up for issues he opposed or supported, many of which involved policies introduce during the Great Depression and Second World War.

He was a strong monarchist, which reflected most of his political agenda. Upon becoming Prime Minister in 1948, many important events occurred in his tenure. O'Merle is credited for post war reconstruction, Eduarda joining the Antarctic Assembly and also being one of the principle founders of the British Imperial Confederation.

During his second term, O'Merle oversaw a number of regulations and rights that had great benefits on the AIPs of Eduarda.

He was often nicknamed by his supporters and rivals, notably 'The Southern Patriot', from allies due to his "inspiring values to our King and country," and 'the Scarecrow', by his enemies because of his "Staunch, tall, demeaning posture and his inability to show any emotion that would stir anything less then a little bird." In popular opinion polls, O'Merle regularly ranks within the top five of Eduarda's greatest Prime Ministers.