Tekeshi Hichimara (June 10, 1887 - March 10, 1953) was a Japanese nobleman who served as the Shogun of Japan from 1948 until his death by seppuku in 1953. A liberal in the House of Daimyo, he succeeded the moderate Isoruko Yamamoto in late 1948 and oversaw the Kyoto Olympics. However, he soon fell out of favor with the House of Daimyos conservative bloc with his attempts at economic liberalization and was ordered to step down by the Emperor Hirohito. Hichimara, ashamed of his sudden sacking, instead committed seppuku, opening up the shogunate for the moderate compromise candidate Ichiro Tanaka instead.

Prior to his service in the Daimyo, Hichimara was a sailor in the Yellow Sea War and was a Naval commander in the Pacific War, eventually serving as an Admiral, much like his predecessor Yamamoto.

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