Teien art museum

Teien, the official residence of the President of Japan

The Presidential Office of the Republic of Japan (Japanese: ミンコクソサイコテイ; 民國總裁公邸 Minkoku Sōsai Kōtei) is the principal workplace and residence of the President of the Republic of Japan. It is located on Shirokanedai, Minato, Tokyo, the national capital of Japan. The office is usually (and popularly) referred as the Teien (Japanese: テイエン; 庭園), means 'garden' in Japanese, just simply because the office building is surrounded by a traditional Japanese garden. The term Teien is used as a metonym for the office of the President of the Republic of Japan.

The Teien was constructed in 1932 and finished in 1933. Initially, the Akasaka Palace was served to be the official presidential office of Japan, as it was already used as official residence for Nagayama Yoshida since the government moved to Tokyo in 1921. However in 1931, President Nagayama considered for the construction of more modest, but more modern residence. The official presidential office then finally moved to the Teien in 1934 and the Akasaka Palace was designated as the seat for the National Government meetings instead.

Governmental meetings, such as cabinet meeting or the deliberation of war council, usually took hold in the Akasaka Palace. However, there were rare occurrences where the meetings held in the Teien, such as the meeting discussing the war with China between President Nagayama Yoshida, Vice-President Kita Ikki, Foreign Commissioner Inukai Tsuyoshi and Army Commissioner Masaki Jinzaburo in 1931 and the extraordinary war meeting between President Nagayama Yoshida, Vice-President Kita Ikki, Prime Minister Suzuki Kantaro, Foreign Minister Togo Shigenori, Extraordinary Minister of War Yonai Mitsumasa, and Supreme Allied Commander in the Southwest Pacific Area General Joseph Stilwell in 1944.

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