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Tegucigalpan Empire
Timeline: Days After Chaos
Flag of Honduras Coat of arms of Guatemala
Flag Coat of Arms
Tegucigalpan Empire
Location of Tegucigalpa

Libre, Soberana e Independiente (Spanish)

(and largest city)
Other cities San Salvador
  others Mayan
Religion Mayan Catholic, Traditional Mayan Beliefs
Ethnic Groups
  others Hispanic
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor Maquinna II
The Tegucigalpan Empire is a nation spanning OTL Honduras, El Savador, and Guatemala. It is a Catholic Theocracy although their religion features some elements of the Mayan religion.


Chaos and Aftermath

In the 1860s, people began to die from a disease incentral america. the countries of Honduras and El Salvador merged into Tegucigalpa. Mayan culture began to become more prominent as many of the Hispanic population died out making the balance of ethnicities much closer. What developed is a "Mayan Catholicisim". The nation then nvaded the multitude of remnants in Guatemala.  

People began to explore into former Mexico. They came in contact with the Yucatan Kingdom about 1910 and a multitude of South American and Mexican Nations later.

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