A cold day on May 1st, 1813, and William Henry Harrison, commanding the American garrison at Fort Meigs in Ohio, wants to take a look at the lines of the enemy besieging his command. He raises his head above the rampart, only to become the unlucky recipient of a howitzer shell, which decapitates and kills him instantly. Demoralized by his death and the failure of repeated relief attempts, his command surrenders a week and a half later, leaving the whole of the Old Northwest to fall into the hands of the British and their Indian allies, and making a counterattack to retake the captured Detroit inconceivable. Little does Harrison (in the moments he lives after the shell strikes) or his shocked subordinates know that his surrender have irrevocably altered the course of history, causing a British victory in the War of 1812, and guaranteeing the survival of an independent Native American state in the Midwest under the brilliant but viciously anti-American chieftain Tecumseh and his prophetic brother Tenskwatawa. How will history look now that Tecumseh's Confederacy has survived?


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