Solar Fusion Reactor: A nuclear reactor that generates energy through cold fusion rather than through uranium.

Purple Sun Bomb: A bomb that utilizes molecular disruption rather than atomic fusion. When detonated, Purple Sun Bombs cause an electromagnetic field to form around the center of impact. This EM field disrupts the flow of electrons, which causes atoms to transform into a state where electrons can not be shared, thus causing atomic fission in the surrounding area. The EM field spreads rapidly, making the Purple Sun Bomb ten times as destructive as a nuke. The distance of the EM field can be manipulated to destroy an area similar to the size of New Zealand

Fuer aus Gott Bomb: A similar bomb to the Purple Sun Bomb that is still in development.

Les Bomba: A biochemical bomb that has the beanstalk virus modified in it to make the outcome ten times bigger. The explosion could make a whole area covered in giant trees. It's radius is the size of OTL Tasmania.

The bomb: this bomb has not been named yet. Places as far as 5000 miles were damaged in tests. The bomb can become 2x stronger than even the purple sun, and has been made that way in one example.

German Experimental Biochemical Bomb: A nameless bomb that utilities the MRSK-1 virus.

Seppuku: A dangerous Japanese biological weapon named after the ancient samurai art of suicide. It is able to paralyze the victim and slowly destroy the Nervous System while simultaneously bursting the intestines. This weapon has only been tested once on terrorists in the Middle-East but was a great success.

Viccerum Rifle: A Polish-Aztlano assault rifle that utilizes Viccerum to fire plasma rounds.

PPSH-VZ1 Plasma assault rifle:  A plasma rifle that utilises chemicals from Zeronium and Viccerum to fire plasma rounds that cause more damage, made by The Communazi Republic of West Russia.

Mosin Nagant VZ2 Plasma Sniper Rifle: A Zeronium-plasma sniper rifle, designed by The Communazi Republic of West Russia.

Tokarev VZ3 Plasma Pistol: A Zeronium-plasma pistol, designed by The Communazi Republic of West Russia.

DP VZ4 Plasma Machine Gun: A Zeronium-plasma machine gun, designed by The Communazi Republic of West Russia.

Veth m300 Plasma Sniper Rifle: A modified Viccerum Plasma rifle that functions like a sniper rifle. Designed by the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy.

Veth TR21 Plasma Assault Rifle: A modified version of the original Viccerum Plasma rifle. Designed by the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy.

Veth PS75 Plasma Pistol: A modified Viccerum Plasma weapon that is the shape and size of a pistol. Designed by the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy.

Eris Relay: An ancient Trans-Hydrogen powered Quantum relay, recently discovered by the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy, but completely owned by Aesmar Kha'l Thenus

The Lancelot: The first of many Japanese mechs primarily used for space exploration. The Lancelot was designed to look like the machine from Shogunate Kai of Kani's favorite anime, Code Geass. It is the first of it's kind and was built using Totalium and a rare amount of Tokugawum.

The Bogatyr: A Russian Mech primarily used for reconnaissance and for attacks on Earth, space, Mars and Venus. The Mech was built by using Red Zeronium, Totallium and Tokugawum.

The Habakkuk: A Polish-Aztlano hive-ship system, wherin a swarm of plasma-armed drones are controled by an equally versatile, single pilot mother-ship. The Habakkuk is a slightly more cost effective alternative to the Japanese and Russian mechs, and is proven to be three times as destructive and manuverable. It was made in response to the Formidae invasion of Venus, and was built using  Red Zeronium, Hiktrum, Solid Argon, Totalium and Tokugawum

Guren Colossi: Gigantic red mechs designed by Shogunate scientists. They are currently being used to reclaim former Socialist Commonwealth territory and to guard the strange portals that continue to form all over the Earth.

S41: Plasma infantry weapon that uses Red Zeronium, developed by the Union of German States.

Howitzer Z1: Heavy plasma cannon used by tanks and other vehicles, developed by the Union of German States.

Celestial Citadel: Carrier space ship that uses Dual Hydrogen warp drive, developed by the Union of German States.

Kuiper Anomaly: An artificial alien transport vessel that was responsible for the "Titan Incident" and the complete capture of the cities of Houston and Bangalore. Not much else is known about this device.


MRSK-1: An extremely contagious virus originating in South eastern Africa. The virus attaches to cells and causes rapid cell division. This causes cancer-like parasites to form and attach to the Brain, Liver and Lungs.

Beanstalk Virus: A virus, when been planted on fertile soil, that can grow to a giant tree which can cause mass destruction.

MRSK-2: A less lethal variant of the MSRK-1 virus.

MRSK-3: A completely harmless variant of the MRSK-1 virus.

MRSK-1N7Z: An artificial virus developed by hacktivist group, Invisible Faction, that combines the effects of the MRSK-1 virus, the Beanstalk Virus and the Seppuku gas.

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