Due to the ongoing Cold War between the United States, French Empire, China, and Japan, technology has evolved much faster than OTL. Most technological advancements are roughly 5 to 30 years ahead of OTL. Here are the advancements:


  • Automatic fire control came around in the 1960s, and the railgun first appeared on battleships in 1992, to replace the outdated 16" cannons.
  • Assault rifles first came around in 1920, and assault rifles with caseless rounds and very few moving parts came around in the 1990s, and holographic sights came around in 2010.

Transportation and Engineering:

  • Maglev rail lines connect every major city in the United States of America, and is one of the fastest ways across country, the other being airplane. Maglev rail lines also connect Eastern Siberia and the Empire of Japan via underground tunnel across the Bering Strait.
  • Air-filled tires are an thing of the past, with all vehicles having airless tires placed on their car, or have their cars modified to carry airless tires.


  • Mobile phones came around in 1955, and touch-screen smartphones came around in the 1980s, and tablets came around in the 1990s, and the recent generations in phone is the sixth generation or 6G.
  • Schools in the United States and French Empire have phased out textbooks by transferring the books onto tablets for their students, while schools in China and Oceania are starting to transfer their textbooks over to the tablets, but at an slow and steady pace.