Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a pre-existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures. Technologies significantly affect sentient species as well as other non-sentients' ability to control and adapt to their natural environments. The term can either be applied generally or to specific areas: examples include construction technology, medical technology, and information technology. Most sentient species in the universe possess some degree of technology, some species are more advanced than others.


Technology from planet Earth is completely the same as in OTL, however since the contact with extraterrestrial civilization, humans have learned that much more advanced technology exists outside Earth. The Intergalactic Republic has placed a ban on importing technology to Earth without permission from the government to ensure the safety and peace on Earth.

Outside Earth


A spaceship exitting hyperdrive

Most societies and civilizations outside Earth have more advanced technology than the humans from Earth, however there are many exceptions as there are still many planets where primitive societies exist. The Chrelytians are considered to be the first civilization to ever develop highly advanced technology such as the hyperdrive. The Intergalactic Republic is currently one of the leaders in technologic development in the universe, thanks to the millions of planets working together.

Examples of technology



Fusion generators on Sendac

The hyperdrive was discovered two billion years ago by the Chrelytians from Chrelytium. This was necessary as sleeper ships did hundreds or thousands of years to cross the interstellar space. The hyperdrive is one of the most complex systems ever discovered, most civilizations developed hyperdrive just some tens of thousand years ago. The fastest hyperdrives are capable of crossing 100,000 lightyears in one day, most ships take one week to travel this distance. It travels a large amount faster than any other travel device and the light.The Chrelytians developed a special hyperdrive making use of The Force, which allowed them to travel ten times as fast as the fastest hyperdrive, it still took 280 years for them to travel to another universe. A hyperdrive system requires a ship to have a fusion power generator to provide the necessary power, it then collects gamma radiation from space, once enough energy is accumulated, the ship makes a "jump" in hyperspace. Spaceships require a shield to safely use a hyperdrive to protect it from collissions with dark matter, black holes and other cosmic dangers. Earth is far from developing this technology by itself.

Energy generation

Fusion power

A superweapon burns a planet

Fusion power is the power generated by nuclear fusion processes. In fusion reactions, two light atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus (in contrast with fission power). In doing so they release a comparatively large amount of energy arising from the binding energy due to the strong nuclear force which is manifested as an increase in temperature of the reactants. Fusion power is a primary area of research in plasma physics. Humans from Earth have already discovered this concept but have not yet made use of it in a practical way. Many societies and planets make use of this system as it provides much electricity in an efficient manner. The planet Sendac relies solely on a gigantic network of these fusion generations that are located below the surface.

Microwave power

Space-based solar power or microwave power is the concept of collecting solar power in space for use on planets. It is simply a solar plant located in space and the energy is send with microwaves to the planet. Humans on Earth have not yet employed this method of electricity generation. Many planets use this system for energy generation as it is not polluting or dangerous.



Space towers on Khrysantania

Superweapons are devices that are capable of doing thing that are considered far greater than normal technology, such as destroying entire planets or even planetary systems. These devices often require great resources and workforce and require many decades to build.

Anti-matter bomb

Anti-matter bombs are extremely dangerous weapons created with anti-matter, they are incredibly expensive to built and often take many years to gather to required amount of anti-matter. They can render large areas or even an entire planet uninhabitable.

Solar laser

A solar laser or "sun gun" is  a weapon which concentrates large amount of sunlight into a point high in the atmosphere of a planet and then produces a laser that scorches everything on the surface it touches, this weapon is a very torturing and dangerous device and has been made illegal within the Intergalactic Republic.


A superlaser is a device which is capable of producing such a large and powerfull laser beam that it is capable of completely obliterating planets. This device is one of the most dangerous things ever engineered. It is a very advanced piece of technology. It collects particles from hyperspace with an unknown device, concentrating them in a core, until they become sufficiently unstable to fire an enormous laser.

Sun bomb

This is arguably the most dangerous device ever created. It was created by the ancient Karatai Empire, which ruled the Milky Way and Kolorosia Galaxies under a tyrannical rule. Rebelling solar systems were punished by this weapon. It is made of the strongest known material in the universe, Khrysantion which is currently only found on Khrysantania. Only a few of these weapons were ever produced and it is banned in all known nations in the universe.


A clone growing in a tank


Many planets have developed advanced architecture, capable of constructing building far larger and taller than those on Earth. The tallest building in the universe is the the Spire of Khrysantania, which is more than 2000 km high.


Cloning is the process of creating a genetically identical or—purposefully and specifically—modified copy of an original organism. Humans from Earth have already access to this technology, though it is illegal in all nations on Earth to clone humans. In the rest of the universe it is perfectly legal to clone humans and other sentient beings. People may order a clone of themselves or someone else (with the person's permission) to be made under a certain price which is quite expensive but affordable. One of the first nations to apply cloning was the ancient Karatai Empire, which had an army of clones. Clones can take just one year to grow for military purposes, but can be genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal species or at the same speed. 


Tanks from outside Earth are most of the time much more advanced. They do not fire projectiles as humans on Earth do, but different much more dangerous things.

Plasma tanks
Plasma tanks are special tanks that fire beams of pure plasma, destroying virtually everything it touches. It has one or multiple plasma cannons which fire plasma beams by ionizing gas. It is currently in use by the Intergalactic Republic as one of its main military vehicles. Some more expensive plasma tanks can float,

A plasma tank firing

making them also hovertanks.
Laser tanks
Laser tanks are special tanks that fire lasers, which may very in amount of damage. Smaller ones are only capable of cutting through materials, larger ones may be capable of blowing things up or destroying them, including living organisms. Laser tanks are currently in massive use by many nations, such as the

A spaceship near the ground

Intergalactic Republic. Some more expensive laser tanks can float, making them also hovertanks.

Spaceships and skyships

Spaceships or starships are ships that are primarely designed to fly in space, though they are capable of flying in atmospheres of planets. Skyships are ships that are primarely designed to fly in the atmosphere of a planet, they may or may not be capable of flying in space. Spaceships vary in use from military attack ships to civil transportships. Spaceships and some skyships are powered by ion engines, also known as ion thrusters, though this mostly doesn't allow them to move very fast to other planets, hyperdrive is used to travel longer distances. Some shipes make use of shields, to protect them from damage, mosly military ships use this.


Most vehicles are capable of hovering, they are capable to do so by repulsor engines, sometimes called anti-gravity engines. This technology was discovered more than a million years ago, rendering the use of wheels obsolete. Some planets do still use wheeled vehicles, often when hovering vehicles are failing. Examples of such vehicles are hovercars, hovertrains, hoverchairs, hovering houses and even hovering islands. Hovercars are the extraterrestrial equivalent of automobiles, most people are capable to buy such a vehicle. Humans from Earth have only accomplished this by the use of electro-magnetic levitation.



A blue lightsaber


The Lightsaber, commonly mistakenly called "laser sword" is a weapon carried by many people in the A bluelightsaber universe, mostly Force-users, such as the Sendi and the Senrasai. It is not actually a laser that is produced from the hilt, but a beam of pure plasma. This weapon is considered dangerous, though it is not for sale, it is illegally sold.


Rayguns are weapons that fire rays or beams. They are usually severely injuring or letal. They are also commonly called "blasters".

Laser guns

Laser guns or laserblasters are devices that are capable of firing laser beams. They shoot a continues beam, which may destroy, cut through or kill something or someone. Humans from Earth are capable of producing lasers, though they aren't advanced enough to construct laserguns yet.

Plasma guns

Plasma guns or plasmablasters are devices that are capable of firing plasma beams or bolts, they can be contineous, like lasers, but those are more expensive. Most plasma guns fire short plasma bolts, which may destroy or damage objects or organisms.

Artificial gravity generator

Artificial gravity generators are devices that are used on ships or space stations to create an artificial field of gravity. This was necessary because most species are annoyed and hindered by anti-gravity. It is not known how it works exactly.


Hologram technology
Many species and societies make use of holographic technology, including humans from Earth.

Hologram of a ship


Holovision is essentially a television in 3D. It projects 3D color holograms that are watched by people. Many people use this system and enjoy watching it.


A movie theater with holograms in 3D. These are also very popular.


An interactive book which is capable of projecting 3D holograms.


A device that is capable of projecting holograms, this can be used for entertainment or communication such as holophones.

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