Space Flight

Space flight is not what most species, particularly those on Earth, expected. Most human science fiction depicted ships moving from planet to planet in mere hours, but in reality it takes days and sometimes up to weeks (depending on the ship) to reach from point A to point B.

Space Combat

Humans are wary to turn away from their greatest war making friend, the bullet just yet, as it has served them well through the centuries. Human ships tend to use tungsten bullets fired at a much higher speed than comparative weapons back on Earth. Some of the larger human ships, however, do contain directed energy weapons (should they run out of ammo), such as lasers and plasma. The largest Human ship (Liberty) currently has a massive Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, or MAC, running the length of the ship.

The Zanturans and Ruluks have all but given up physical projectile weapons, instead using weapons that are attached to their limbs, but still favor of both ship-mounted, and hand-held DEW's.

Ship mounted weapons are entirely laser-based in the USR. With the exception of a few antimatter mines that are only deployed before combat, and kinetic energy weapons.

Most IRC ships have a cold plasma force field that can usually withstand about three or four blasts from a plasmatic laser. The IRC ships also mainly rely on deploying their ammo via electromagnetic rail guns. The USR ships have a electromagnetic field that also usually takes three or four hits to penetrate.

Space combat itself did not turn out to be what many science fiction shows depicted. Ships were not in close proximity and their hulls were not super strong. Space ship battles are actually more like submarine warfare, ships are usually up to 1000 km away from each other. Hulls were also much like submarine hulls. Once a force field goes down it can take less than two hits from the opposing ship before it is rendered incapable of combat or is destroyed. The bridge of a ship is also not on the front of a ship but is instead right in the center. As in submarines, ships do have observation decks but only for the purpose of observation.

There are also five main classes of star ships used by both the USR and IPC:

1. Battle Cruiser- These ships are fairly big. Their main purpose is to destroy carriers, other battle cruisers and launch orbital strikes. They have a crew of about 2500 for the IPC, and only 2000 for the USR.

2. Corvette- Corvettes are about midsized and are primarily used for escorting shipping vessels, their main purpose is not generally to destroy but harass other ships. Corvettes have a general crew of about 300-325.

3. Fighter- Fighters are not single manned spaceships. They are manned by a crew of about 14, Fighters are one of only two types of star ships that can be built on a planet; the goal of a Fighter is to purely harass and attack when a ships hull is exposed.

4. Frigate- Manned by a crew of about 640 IPC soldiers or 700 USR soldiers, Frigates are used mainly to bombard and destroy Corvettes, but most Frigates hardly last more than a few hours against a Battle Cruiser.

5. Carriers- Carriers are super massive star ships manned by crews of around 30,000; like fighters carriers are built on the surface of planets. Carriers have two purposes: carry about 70,000 soldiers to invade other planets, and use mass orbital bombardments to destroy worlds.


Washington, DC, before its destruction, was a massive metropolis, possibly the largest in the world.

The largest city in the world currently is Moscow, Russia with a population of thirty million, a complex system of subways and monorails, and roads, Moscow also has the most developed infrastructure of any Earth city. The Moscow Library is the largest in the Solar system, with information on nearly everything. In the very center of Moscow, is a massive monolithic statue of the working man and working women, holding a hammer and sickle respectively. The Workers statue is larger than the Eiffel Tower, at four-hundred eighty meters tall. The second largest city after the destruction of Washington was San Francisco after first contact and the Technology boom San Francisco grew to encompass all of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city eventually became the technological capital of the world: Alcatraz prison was closed down and demolished. In its place Angle Tower was built, at 2011 feet tall it is the largest building on Earth.


General Technology

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