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In technological superiority the world technology is greater than our own. It all starts in 1917 when the German empire deploys its only 25 A7-V tanks on to the battlefields of World War One. German tanks clash with British, French, American, and now Russian tanks. Therefore, WWI lasts another year and eventually in 1920 and armistice is signed and World War One is over. In 1932 Adolf Hitler comes to power. But since this is a more technological time period, Hitler's Panzers begin with the Panzer III. The Panzer IV model comes out with a long barrel 75mm gun. Finally on September First 1939, German forces with their new Panzers launch a full scale attack on Poland. The Poles are up gunned with British Matilda MK. IIs and French Char B1 Bis tanks but heavy armor stapeds the Poles. At this time the red Chinese have won and are under attack from Japan. On September 17th Soviet forces with their T-34/76s invade Poland.

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