- - - This section is part of a planned reformulation of the timeline. Timeline spans beginning with 600-699 will be revised accordingly. - - - In the late 3rd and early 4th centuries AD, quicker technological development in the Roman Empire than in OTL is caused by the absence of barbarian raids from the North, but more importantly by the disappearance of extremely cheap labour caused by the abolition of slavery. Caught in a profit squeeze between taxes and new wage demands, the owners of land and mines had to innovate - and most innovations were aimed at using mechanical powers that could replace the slave`s powers.

After Roman/Celtic/Sassanid victory over the Huns, a continuous development of the skilled professions which had emerged in the Mediterranean and the triumph of an empiricist epistemology over Neoplatonism, which led to an early formation of biology, chemistry, physics and medicine as scientific disciplines valued higher than grammar, rhetoric or theology, leads to advances in the 5th-8th century which could occur in OTL no earlier than the 10th-13th century. The Roman Empire aided this development by endowing the academies for applied sciences with funds that enabled them to become major lenders, who allocated loans according to expected innovative outcome.

Contact with China, where several technological innovations re-invented in Europe in the 15th-19th centuries were already invented in the 8th-12th century, facilitates an economic and technological level of development in these centuries which is comparable to OTL 14th-18th century.

From the 13th century on, economic progress is slower than OTL due to the absence of colonial exploitation and rapid early-capitalist accumulation. A level comparable to the real-world present is reached in the 17th century.

List of inventions

What? Where? When? (OTL) Where? When? (Abrittus)
Turbine 280s/290s.; Roman Empire 280s; Roman Empire
Noria 300; Roman Empire 290s; Roman Empire
Paddle Wheel Boat 400; Roman Empire 320s; Roman Empire
Combination of Dam & Turbine 320s; Roman Empire
Cotton carding machine 1750; England 420s; Roman Empire
Alcohol destillation 1000; Europe 420s; Roman Empire
Spinning machine 1730s; England 440s; Roman Empire
Post mill 12th c.; W. Europe 460s; Celtic Empire
///to be continued///

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