Here is where your nation in Industrial Revolution: Reborn will be represented under tech levels, This applies in the algorithm as well as how well your nation would hold up vs another power, say the Arabian tribes vs Ptolemaic Egypt.

Tier 1: Advanced Tribal Structure

Your nation maintains a larger and more complex tribal structure and larger agriculture base but doesn't have much more population than a Basic Tribal.  Max Army Score: 0.75 Navy Score: 0.5 Industrial Score: 0.5


Kongo Tribes

Australian Aborigines

New Zealand Maori

Tier 2: City-States/Local Kingdoms

Your nation has developed into a local kingdom or city-state with a fixed area of settlement, decent agricultural base, and minor metal workings. Max Army Score: 0.75 Navy Score: 0.75 Industrial Score: 0.75 'This is a developmental stage of writing and other traits of civilization







Tier 3: Iron Age

Your Nation Has Developed High grade Iron and Steel as useable materials for weapons and building. Max Army Score: 1 Navy Score: 1 Industrial Score: 1


Empire of Java



Tier 4: Renaissance

Your nation and its people have begun to look at higher forms of thinking going away from the Norm of usual thinking, This is usually spurred by new artforms and music. The First Primitive guns are produced in large numbers as a shocking new weapons. Max Army Score: 1.5 Navy Score: 1.5 Industrial Score: 1.5

Mughal Empire

Maratha Confederacy




Tier 5: Imperial

Your Nation has developed the Ability to Establish Colonies in other parts of the planet after their discover, Your nation has also acquired Improved Gunpowerder Weaponry such as Muskets. Max Army Score: 2.5 Navy Score: 2.5 Industrial Score: 2.5



Ottoman Empire





The Netherlands



Kingdom of Naples

Kingdom of Savoy

Papal States

Poland Lithuania


Nueva Granada:


Rio de la Plata (Chile and Argentina):


Tier 6: Empire

This is near to Tier 5, but is more powerful and is much more likely to defeat a Tier 4 nation. Max Army Score: 3 Navy Score: 3 Industrial Score: 3




Tier 7: Industrial

Your Nation has Established itself and is secure in technological development to the point of finding ways to Power Factories. This is usually spurred by large advanced in Technology and large population growth. Max Army Score: 3.5 Navy Score: 3.5 Industrial Score: 3.5

Great Britain




Tier 8: WW1

Mass-scale Conscription allowed, as well as the invention of machine guns. Electricity is used. This is usually spurred by a mass-scale conflict, or a extended period of peace. Max Army Score: 4 Navy Score: 4 Industrial Score: 4

Tier 9: WW2

Your Nation Has Developed an Arsenal much like OTL's WW2 and is capable of developing radars and nuclear technology. This is usually spurred by a mass-scale conflict or a large improvement in intellectual studies and electronic equipment. Max Army Score: 6 Navy Score: 6 Industrial Score: 6

Tier 10: Modern

Your Nation Has Developed an Arsenal much like beyond OTL's WW2 and up to the 1970's The Technology is in fact a wide gap from Industrial powers. Max Army Score: 8 Navy Score: 8 Industrial Score: 8

Tier 11: Post-Industrial/Information age

Your Nation has invented a medium sized/Large sized effiecient internet, Digital Technology has advanced heavily bringing about new ages of mass consumerism. Space Exploration has become a reality The Global Economy prevents many nations from going to war except over very large issues. Max Army Score: 10 Navy Score: 10 Industrial Score: 10

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