Inca Empire
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Inca Empire, Southern Peru, Parts of Bolivia and Chile
Banner of the Inca Empire
Banner of the Inca Empire
Inca Districts
 Map of Tawatinsuyu, with the four quarters divided by red lines
Capital Machu Picchu
Largest city Qosqo
Other cities Chimu, Peru, Sican, New Burgundy, Deutschburg
Quechua Spanish
  others Aymara, French, German
Traditional Inca religions
  others Christian
Ethnic Groups
Pure Inca, Chimu
  others Spanish, Spanish Mix Bloods, French, French Mix Bloods, German, German Mix Bloods
Demonym Inca or Incan
Government Absolute Monarchy with shadow parliament
  legislature The United Parliament of the Inca
Sapa Inca Apeac I
  : The Dynasty of Lower Qosqo
Population 16,000,000 (1770 estimate) 
Established  1491
Annexation to Andea
  date 1776
Currency Spanish Real
Organizations Hesperian League

Tawatinsuyu' or the Second Inca Empire, is a state in Hespria. Born form the ashes of The Kingdom of Cuzco after the Cuzcan Civil War, Tawatinsuyu was founded when Brother B's army was rejected entry into the Kingdom of Cuzco by Brother A's army. After winning the civil war, Tawatinsuyu entered a Period of reconstruction.

History of Tawatinsuyu

Era of Reconstruction (1493-1497

Following the Civil War, The Sapa Inca saw the need to reconstruct and reform the empire, which had been on the same system since approx. 1100. While it worked for a small or even a large City-State, The New Inca Empire needed the be reorganized and stabilized. Cuzco, which had become too dominate in the previous Inca Empire, needed to be weakened within the new centralized Tawatinsuyu. To aid in this, Machu Picchu was established as a the new capital. To prevent the Cuzcan culture group from lashing out at this change, Machu Picchu was located in Cuzcosuyu near Cuzco. On top of the formation of a new capital, Chan Chan, which was largely burned down in the War for Cuzcan Dominance, was rebuilt, modeled largely after Cuzco. Chan Chan was made into a Golden City along side Machu Picchu.

First Golden Age (1497-1512)

The First Golden Age of the Inca referred to an era in which the Inca dominated the Andes. With a military of 12,000 men, few could challenge their reign in Peru. The only remaining organized state was Chiribaya, which was an Inca Ally. During this time,

Military of the Inca Empire

The military of the Inca empire can be divided into three eras: The East-West Era, The Brass Era and the Martial Era.

The East-West Era (1493-1515)

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