Timeline: Imperium Islamica

OTL equivalent: Inca Empire
Anthem "Kuntur Phawan"
Capital Cuzco
Largest city Cuzco
Kicha, Dutch
  others Aymara
Demonym Tawantini
Government Republic
President Huascar Supac
Prime Minister Acot Spa
Area 230,977 km²
Population 83,265,034 
Established 1185
Currency Pilu

The Tawantinsuyu is a nation in Brasil. The nation is one of the oldest civilizations in the New World. When founded, the nation rapidly expanded into its neighbours, forming an empire similar to Old World ones. Plagues introduced in the New World by Eriksland were transported to the Tawantinsuyu and increased resistance in the empire against old world diseases. A civil war between two brothers wracked the empire. However, eventually one of them won as the empire rebuilt itself. However, the empire was now facing the might of Dutchland. The Dutch invaded the empire for gold, but found lots of silver instead. The mountains of the region made Dutchland the most powerful nation in the world. However, Tawantini civilization went on as they remained a majority in the region. However, for 300 years, they remained under the yoke of the Dutch until the TLA began the Tawantini War of Independence in 1174. The war ended in a TLA victory as a republic was formed. However, Tawantinsuyu soon fell under civil war. The First Tawantini Civil War came to an end with the end of TLA control and the rise of the Tawantini Democratic Front. However, this was also a dictatorship and was destroyed by the Second Tawantini Civil War. Another dictator, Huascar Acot, came to power. He ruined the Tawantini economy even further. His son, Supa Huascar, came to power after Acot's death. However, after Huascar's death, a democracy came to power after the Third Tawantini Civil War.

The nation has the fifth-largest nominal GDP and the twelfth-largest GDP (PPP) in the world. It is rapidly industrializing and is a major centre of trade and wealth. However, the nation still copes with the problem of poverty, malnutrition, and corruption, with high levels of red tape.

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