People's Republic of Tavra
Timeline: Damalias Untold
Flag of Tavra Tavra
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Tavra
(and largest city)
Other cities New Porthaven
  others Damali


  others Catholic


Ethnic Groups
  others Fahrgravean, Avgrovan, Evalonian
Demonym Tavrian (Tavrian)

Avgrovan (English)

Government People's Republic
  legislature Republic
People's President
People's Vice President
Area 585 km² Metric
Population - 2015 Estimate 316+ million 
Independence from Baraton
  declared 1877
  recognized 1878
Currency Tef
Time Zone GMT -2
Calling Code +103
Internet TLD .tvr

Tavra, officially the People's Republic of Tavra is a large nation located in Damalias. It borders Avgrov, Aclana and Scena to the north, and Fahrgrave to the west. Porthaven is Tavra's capital and largest city, and is located on the shore. Tavra is a member of the Damalias Security Council, as well as the United Nations.

Tavra was first mentioned as a district of Baraton during the Grand Crusades. Tavra at the time bordered Fahrgrave, Avgrov, Vullif, Graven and Meleven. Tavra remained one of the few uncaptured territories during the Vakalonia-Baraton war, joining forces with remaining territories Avgrov and Fahrgrave, they pushed back the Vakalonian forces out of Baraton.

Tavra was one of the several districts of Baraton to inactively join the Baraton civil war, supporting their independence by means of supplies to the fighting factions, like Avgrov and Fahrgrave. Tavra claimed independence in 1877, and was recognized one year later in 1878.

Tavra has recently been engaged in a trade dispute with Avgrov, and later in a war.


Grand Crusades

Tavra was first termed during the Grand Crusades, in which Tavra actively participated by sending supplies for mainland Baraton to use. Tavra was only briefly touched by the enemy soldiers, and was one of the few western territories mapped in the war.

Tavra again only sent supplies during the second grand crusade. This time however, troops didn't manage to reach Tavra, and Tavra wasn't mapped either.

In the third and final Grand Crusade, Tavra took a bit more of an active role. Neighboring district Fahrgrave was early during the crusade occupied by the Sultanate of Abbzir, joined by Vakalonian forces. Tavra and Avgrov were among the districts most important to Fahrgrave's liberation, supplying an amount of forces to aid in it's liberation.

Baraton-Vakalonia war

Tavra was an indirect participant of the Baraton-Vakalonia war. Tavra passively supplied assets to Baraton, like almost all districts did. Eventually, Vakalonian forces managed to reach Avgrov and Tavra, which managed to push back Vakalonian forces and liberate the rest of Baraton through it.

Baratonian civil war

Tavra was one of the indirect participants of the Baratonian civil war. They send supplies to the districts that were actively fighting Baraton, mostly to Avgrov.

Tavra became independent at the time of Avgrov and Evalonia and allegedly formed a people's republic.

Modern era

Tavra is a major trade nation in Damalias currently, and often seen as the nation in Damalias which trades the most. Allegedly, Tavra has recently gotten into a war due to a trade dispute, one Tavra doesn't reveal has happened.

Avgrovan-Tavrian war

Tavra was declared war on by Avgrov due to a trade dispute. The first action of war was the blockading of their shipyards, as Tavra reported. Avgrov however tells that Avgrov's first military action was during the bombing of several sacred temples.

Later, Avgrovan and Tavrian troops met on the border, with the Tavrian forces being outnumbered, however highly motivated. Following this, Fahrgrave and the Grand Valerius States have pledged aid in the war.

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