Princess Sofi is a famous Taurus

Tauruses are very laid back and often cool in times of trouble, sometimes to the point of being seen as apathetic.


Tauruses are, by nature, extremeley laid back. They have been known to keep a cool head, even in the most stressful situations. This has helped countless Taurus officers to successfully command in the worst of times, even when they were outnumbered or outgunned. Normally, though, they often take a laissez-faire approach to parenting and ruling, letting the people do as they please. But, if they are somehow angered, they will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth until they found and kill you (A man was once slighted by a waiter from China and pursued him all the way to the base of the Himilayas before finally catching up with him 17 years later and killing him)


Tauruses, like Aries, have superhuman strength, and are able to lift many, many pounds with ease and are able to take serious damage, even more then a Aries. Tauruses have been known to be able to flip over cars, barrelling at them at full speed, and often without batting an eyelash.

Elemental Control

Tauruses have the ability to manipulate earth. They have been known to cause the ground to open up and swallow their opponents, or to have the earth turn into massive fist and pummel their opponet from afar. Some of the most powerful have moved massive rivers, and even created hills or mountains as they please.


Tauruses are often thought to be laid back and sometimes even outright lazy. Sometimes Tauruses have even been denied work because of this stereotype. They are also seen as horrible spouses, as it seems to many that they are uncaring and thoughtless towards the needs of others. This is simply untrue.

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