Flag of Tatarstan

Flag of Tatarstan.

Republic of Tatarstan (Tatar:Татарстан Республикасы) is a Republic with-in Russia.

The first Tatarstan had appeared as the Khanate of Kazan back in 1438 and remained until conquered by Russia in 1552. Soon in 1708 until 1920 there was a Kazan Governorate with-in Russia (though for a brief moment there was the Idel-Ural State that became independent due to Russian Civil War). After the Soviet Union was proclaimed, the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was created, in 1920 and lasted until 1992. Since 1992, it turned to Republic of Tatarstan and is now democratic, though still part of Russian Federation.

Other Tatarstan also appear in:

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