Tatar Defence State
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
Golden Horde flag 1339
Flag of Golden Horde
Russian League and Tatar Defense State in 1490
Russian League and Tatar Defence State in 1490.
(and largest city)
Language Mongolian
  others Islam, Christianity, Judiasm
Ethnic Group Russians
Tatar Defence State was a direct succesor of the Golden Horde created in 1480 by anti-Ivan boyars who were inconnected with the Tatars. Ivan III later almost crushed them but paid for it by his own death. After this Boyars had to pay peace tax to Ivan's son Vasili III. It later became part of Russian League or as it was then called Free Russia itself.
Russian League and Tatar Defense State in 1490

The Two Rivals in 1490.

Russian League and Tatar Defense State in 1494

Free Russia and The Tatars in 1494.

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