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The Judiciary Union of Van Diemen's Land
Gerechtelijk Unie mana Lutriwita Van Diemen's
Timeline: Divided Australia

OTL equivalent: Tasmania

waranta palawa, milaythina nika ((Palawa))
("This country is us, and we are this country")

Capital Hobart
Largest city Hobart
Tasmanian Language
  others English, Dutch, Palawa
Demonym Tasmanian
Government Judiciary, police state.
  legislature Tasmanian Court of Peace
Constitutional Director Northwood Dill
Supreme Judge Will Hodgman
Area 90,758 sq km
Population 805,110 inh.
Currency Tasmanian Falk

Tasmania, (Officially the Judiciary Union of Van Diemen's Land) is an island country south of Australia. Tasmania has been independent since 1827. It is the 26th largest island that is not a continent and claims sovereignty over several smaller surrounding islands.

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