Excerpt from "The Big Book of Fighting Vehicles of North American Countries". Published by Adobe Press (CA) and intended for teenage readers.

"California: Caterpillar Equipment manufactures trucks, autos, and fighting vehicles used throughout California and it exports "safe" versions to other western nations. The best regarded tank produced in any North American nation has to be the Caterpillar C-17. The C-17 is the largest, best armored, and most powerful tank produced in the NA.

Pacifica: Peterbuilt/PACCAR relies heavily on aluminum in the construction of its Paccard series of fighting vehicles. The Sealth, for example, is very light weight and maneuverable, but is no match for Caterpillar tanks. The Sealth's use of a chain drive also makes it vulnerable in combat.

Great Lakes Confederation: Ford Motors has been a prolific producer of tanks and other military vehicles for many decades. Although their equipment is inferior to that produced in California, they are still well regarded in the Eastern Countries.

Republic of New York: Chrysler made a large number of military vehicles used in the North American War. It went bankrupt in 1989 but actually still exists and is still manufacturing trucks. If you have seen almost any NA War movie, the Dodge Turbo-T is the tanks that is usually blown up by a Cat-17 or a Ford Escorter. The Chrysler Riker (electric assist) is the fast and quiet scout vehicle the movie villains almost always use to escape the battlefield.

Free Republic of Pennsylvania: Many people don't know that Mac Truck and Personnel Carriers also made a tank. In 1981-82 over 300 Bulldog tanks were produced and some saw limited action in the region.

Free Iowa States: in 1938 the John Deere Company was enticed to leave the Great Lakes Confederation and set up shop in St. Louis. They have been very successful making tractors, all terrain vehicles, and light fighting vehicles ever since. But John Deere has never made a tank that could stand toe-to-toe with a Cat!"

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