Timeline: Quebec Independence
Flag of Tanganyika Tanganyika coa n6791
Flag Coat of Arms
QI Tanganyika
Location of Tanganyika
Anthem "Mungu ibariki Afrika"
(and largest city)
Dar es Salaam
Language Swahili, English
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
President Jakaya Kikwete
Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda
Independence from Germany
  recognized January 1, 1948

Tanganyika is a republic in East Africa. Tanganyika became a colony under the Germans, and would remain a colony until the splitting of Germany following World War II. With their independence, Tanganyika became a democracy. Beginning in the 1970s, Tanganyika fell under the sway of Russia, and Tanganyika's Prime Ministers ruled with a platform of socialism and Pan-Africanism. In the 1990s, its economy took a downturn, which led to the Congo War when Tanganyika attempted to take control of Zaire's vast mineral resources. The war ended with a return to status quo due to the intervention of the League of Nations. With the collapse of Russia, Tanganyika has reformed itself and focused on improving its economy, with an increase in GDP and reduction in poverty.

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