The Foundation of the Kingdom of Tang

The Tang Kingdom was developed first by Emeperor Qianshao of the Han Dynasty, just as Song was. Also like
Kingdom of Tang

The Kingdom of Tang

Song the Tang Family grew to prominence in the area and would name their Kingdom after themselves. The Song and Tang Kingdoms got along well but were very developed compared to their neighbors to the east. The larger kingdoms focused on their military, a symptom of the paranoia from the breakup of an Empire, and the smaller states were controlled by elites who care little for the advancement of any interest but their own. The nobility of Tang and Song both were very subserviant to the People of those areas which they called their Duchy and this vicariously made the Viscount, as Qianshao was their only truly recognized King, serve the interests of the People. These included education, health care, science, and industry. Defense was still a concern but the only real threat for much of the history of the Kingdom of Tang was the Kingdom of Nan, which was in many ways to scared to attack anyone.

The Leaders of the Kingdom of Tang

Viscount Xiaogong 孝公 635-643 (118-110 BC)

Viscount Chuangguang 傳光 643-660 (110-93 BC)

Viscount Laifu 來富 660-673 (93-80 BC) served in and died at the end of the Sino-Japanese War

Viscount Youde 有德 673-679 (80-74 BC)

Viscount Siyu 四餘 679-686 (74-67 BC)

Viscount Jisheng 季生 686-694 (67-59 BC)

Viscount Pingnan 平南 694-705 (59-48 BC)

Viscount Yuanyu 員餘 705-720 (48-33 BC)

Viscount Rilong 日龍 720-726 (33-27 BC)

Viscount Huagui 花桂 726-742 (27-11 BC)

Viscount Caoli 草立 742-756 (11 BC- 3 AD)

Viscount Muyuan 木元 756-772 (3-19 AD)

Viscoutn Kailai 開來 772-778 (19-25 AD)

Viscount Xianli 賢禮 778-785(25-32 AD)

Visocunt Si 斯 785-794 (32-41 AD)

Visocunt Du 都 794-802 (41-49 AD)

Visocunt Ying 罃 802-806 (49-53 AD)

The Second Han Dynasty

The Duchies of The Kingdom of Tang

1. Ganzi 甘孜
Duchies of Tang

The Twenty-one Duchies of the Kingdom of Tan

2. Aba 阿坝

3. Mianyang 绵阳

4. Guangyuan 广元

5. Nanchong 南充

6. Bazhong 巴中

7. Dazhou 达州

8. Ya'an 雅安

9. Chengdu 成都

10. Deyang 德阳

11. Suining 遂宁

12. Guang'an 广安

13. Meishan 眉山

14. Ziyang 资阳

15. Leshan 乐山

16. Neijiang 内江

17. Zigong 自贡

18. Yibin 宜宾

19. Luzhou 泸州

20. Liangshan 凉山

21. Panzhihua 攀枝花


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