A collaboritive TL between Toby2 and Willster22


Cham trade ship

Since the foundation of the Chola dynasty, trade ships have sailed throughout Southeast Asia, bringing their religion and customs wherever they went. One such place would become known as Champa, home of the Cham, in OTL southern Vietnam. Much like the Cholan, they were a seafaring people.

Historians do not know exactly when, but estimates have been put around to around 380 AD, that during what OTL knows as the Kofun period of Japan, a Cham trade fleet, presumably blown off course, landed on the southern coast of the island of Kyushu. A new land for the Cham, as no ships had previously recorded as having traded there before. The Cham traders brought back information of Japan to Champa, where King Bhadravarman decided to fund a trade expedition to this new land to acquire more information and perhaps set up a trade post there. The expedition arrived the following year in 381 AD, where they set up a trade post in OTL Kagoshima Bay and start trade with the natives. Word is sent back to Champa of the successful expedition. After years of trading, the current trade post that had been set up had grown into a full-fledged port and many more trading posts had been set up along the coast. Harmony between the Cham and the natives of Kyushu was created as they traded.

But what the Cham also brought was their religion, Hinduism, as well as their culture. Much like the Indians had done before when they had brought their religion and culture to the Cham, they now had brought it to Kyushu.....



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