Tamara Gertrude Minor (nee Darcy; born August 14, 1939) is the widow of former English Prime Minister and Tory founder Eustace Minor and a human rights and political activist in England, known for her initiatives to help the poor.

Despite being 23 years his junior, Minor married her husband in 1960 in a low-key affair and eventually became one of his strongest public advocates, often appearing on television to defend his policy positions and connect with the public. Her most famous appearance was alongside American First Lady Liah Eisler in the spring of 1978 to support a Women's International Conference, which was also attended by future American President Elizabeth Shannon. Following her husband's retirement and death, Minor became a public figure and political pundit, as well as an activist for charities for the poor. Despite her public positions being considerably to the left of her husband's and even the more centrist, modern Conservative Party, she is regarded as one of the Party's most important figures despite not being at 10 Downing Street in thirty years and often speaking against public party policy.

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