17th Century

  • 1620-George Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore, is killed by Native Americans in the Avalon colony. As a result the Avalon colony in Canada fails to continue, and the Maryland colony is never established.
  • 1698-A famine strikes Ireland. Due to a lack of response from the British government more than 10% or Ireland's population dies, and 30% emigrates to the new world. The Irish-Catholics are greatly unwanted by the protestant and puritan population. Most are forced to live near the border of the colonies, were many communes are formed.

18th Century

  • 1754-As the French-Indian war begins, the Irish settlers find much of their homes destroyed by both British and French forces, as well as increased harassment from many native American tribes. What becomes known as the controversially named "Great Green Flight" many Irish-Americans begin to move west with most being welcomed and settling in Spanish-America.
  • 1763-The French-Indian war ends, and Britain gains the Ohio river valley, Canada and Florida, while the Louisiana territory is seceded to Spain. While generally welcomed in New Spain by the native population much of the Spanish population generally despises the Irish settlers many of the Irish continue to move further until most settle along the Pacific ocean.
  • 1776-The thirteen colonies declares itself independent from Britain, the American Revolution begins.
  • 1781-The city of Erin is founded nearby the bay of Monterey in Alta California.
  • 1783-The thirteen colonies successfully become independent from the British Empire and form the United States of America.

19th Century

  • 1810-A group of volunteers lead a rebellion against Spanish rule in Mexico. By January 1811 though most of the volunteers are captured and executed by the Spanish inquisition.
  • 1813-Mexico officially declares independence from Spain. Several guerrilla resistance groups are formed from Irish volunteers wanting to assist he Mexican patriots gain Independence in the promise of a creation of free state for the Irish people in California.
  • 1821-Mexico gains independence from Spain, and as promised the Free State of Alta California is formed primarily for the Irish people, but the region still remains part of the Mexican Empire.
  • 1835-Texas secedes from Mexico. Mexico attempts to regain Texas, but ultimately loses. After the war Mexico refuses to recognizes the independence of Texas.
  • 1840-A short lived rebellion occurs on the Rio Grande that lasted from January 17 to November 6.
  • 1842-Two movements begin in California, as tensions rise. A pro-American independence movement is formed of the protestant native Californians called the "Bear Flaggers" and another is a pro-Mexican Irish catholic movement called the "Green Flaggers."
  • 1845-America annexes Texas. In this wake the Mexican-American war is started and the California Revolution also begins.
  • 1847-The pro-American Bear Flag revolt are defeated by the Green Flaggers aided by the Mexican army. The Mexican government grants them sovereignty and the Independent Republic of An Iarthair (literally translating to "The West" in the Irish language)
  • 1848-The Mexican-American war also called The War for the West, ends with both sides claiming victory. The real end result creates tensions between the U.S. and Mexico, and leads to the creation of the buffer nations of Texas and the Rio Grande.
  • 1849-Gold is discovered in the northern regions of An Iarthair. This creates a mass exodus of all peoples to the newly formed nation and the country receives a massive economic boom.
  • 1850-A controversial flier appears in the USA. The flier depicts a group of freed slaves viewing the pacific ocean from Jon Riley's Point (OTL name Big Sur) and the words "For those who seek true liberty come west to the true land of the free. The flier was only circulated through the US for about a month or so before being banned for promoting treasonous action. Despite this a new branch of the underground railroad specifically created to free slaves and take them west is spawned.
  • 1851-Oregon is claimed by the US in a treaty with Britain. (this happens much later than in OTL since the US had to focus resources and troops on the previous war) This becomes the center of much controversy as the USA begins sending troops into the territory. Many citizens of An Iarthair fear America may invade. As a result recruitment for the nations military spikes up ten fold. The An Iathar military offers to any volunteers who left the US, 50 acres of land, 100 dollars worth of gold, and the right to practice any chosen religion freely.
  • 1854-The fear is realized. In what many called the Oregon War, or sometimes historically the Mistaken War begins. The reason for it being called the Mistaken War was because the US was to cancel an order to moves troops across the border into An Iarthair which the western government mistook for an attack, when the army was simply trying to retrieve a pair of deserters.
  • 1855-The Oregon War intensifies, but continues to only involve Americans and Iarthars.
  • 1857-The war ends with An Iathar claiming all the Oregon territory up to the 44th parallel. The sign the treaty of Monterrey, from which both countries declare neutrality towards each other.

more to come soon!

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