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Republic of China
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Republic of China
Flag of the Republic of China National Emblem of the Republic of China
Flag Emblem

Capital Taipei
Largest city New Taipei
Other cities Kaohsiung, Taichung
Language Mandarin
Demonym Taiwanese, Chinese
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
  legislature Legislative Yuan
Area 36,191 km²
Population 23,174,528 
Established January 1, 1912
Currency Dollar (TWD)
Time Zone CST (UTC+8)
  summer not observed (UTC+8)
Calling Code +886
Internet TLD .tw

The Republic of China (Mandarin Chinese: 中華民國, Zhōnghuá Mínguó), abbreviated as the R.O.C. and commonly called Taiwan, is an island nation located in Eastern Asia. Prior to the communist control of the mainland, the Republic of China governed all of China. During the Civil War, the ROC government fled to the island of Taiwan, and has remained there since. While it was initially recognized as the official government of China, it has since been granted to the People's Republic of China on the mainland.

Taiwan is one of the few democracies in Eastern Asia (along with Japan and South Korea), as well as one of the wealthiest nations in Asia.