Free State of Taiwan and Taipei
Söbadüllem a Tajvın eş Çejpaj

Timeline: Frisian Empire

OTL equivalent: Taiwan
83DD-TaiwanFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Himnus Tajvın eş Çejpaj"
(and largest city)
Taipei (Executive), Kaohsiung (Judicial & Legislative)
Other cities Taichung, Tainan, Hsinchu
Paoji, Khmer
  others English, Burmese
Religion Gortism
Ethnic Groups
Gorts, Khmers
  others Burmans, Han
Demonym Taiwanese, Gort
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Doge Lajğlo İtolşo
Chancellor Funın Saşnaben

Taiwan (Paoji: Tajvın, Khmer: ไต้หวัน Tị̂h̄wạn), officially the Free State of Taiwan and Taipei (Paoji: Söbadüllem a Tajvın eş Çejpaj, Khmer: รัฐอิสระของไต้หวันและไทเป Rạṭ̄h Xis̄ra k̄hxng Tị̂h̄wạn læa Thịpe), is a parliamentary republic in East Asia. It is located in the South China Sea and shares maritime borders with China, the Philippines and Vietnam. Taiwan is defined as a Gortist and Democratic State in its Basic Laws and is the world's only Gortist-majority state.

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