Taihoku Prefecture
AnthemPraise, Formosa!
Royal anthemKimigayo
Taihoku Prefecture LOE.png
Capital台北市 Taihoku City
Largest city 基隆市 Kiryu City
Official languages Japanese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien
Recognised regional languages Formosan Languages, Hakka
Government Prefecture of the Empire of Japan
 •  Emperor Akihito
 •  Governor Lin Chi Mei
Legislature Taihoku Diet
Currency Japanese Yen

Taihoku is a prefecture of the Taiwan Province of the Empire of Japan. It is located on the northeastern corner of Taiwan and bordered to the west by the Momokoen Prefecture and to the south by the Konpeki-Umi Prefecture.


The name "Taihoku" is derived from the Japanese pronounciation of the word 台北 (Taipei); which literally means "North of Tai(wan)".

Government and Politics

Taihoku's government is run by the Governor, who oversee's everything that goes on in Taihoku. As a prefecture of Japan, it is also under the leadership of the Emperor, Akihito. The current governor of Taihoku is Coco Yamashita.

Administrative Divisions

Administrative division of Taihoku Prefecture

Taihoku is split into 4 districts and the capital area, each district contains 5 cities; the capital area contains 3 cities and a mini-district. Legend: 1 = Capital Area, 2 = Kiryu District, 3 = Chugoku District, 4 = Nishitaihoku District, 5 = Kita-Konpeki District.

Capital Area

The capital area consists of 3 cities and 2 townships. The capital city of Taihoku is located within the capital area.

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