Timeline: Ard Marjhoola
Capital Zaragoza
Largest city Zaragoza
  others Mozarabic, Hebrew
  others Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Emir Ahmad II al-Musta'in (1085-)
Currency Dirham and Dinar

The Taifa of Zaragoza is an independent nation in Western Europe as of 1008 AD. It was formed out of the remnants of land not conquered by the Caliphate of Córdoba during Hisham II's reign. While its Government and population was nominally Muslim, it quickly attracted the remnants of Christian Kingdoms which had been subdued and had no plans to be ruled by the Central Government in Córdoba. To these people, and the Christian community already living there, it would be known as the Kingdom of Aragon.

While it was strongly independent, its formation and continued existence was only guaranteed by its promise to pay tribute to Córdoba. It bordered the Kingdom of France in the north, alongside Toulouse that was independent of France. Being in a similar state of affairs, Toulouse and Zaragoza would hold a strong relationship with each other, and often shared knowledge and technology. As of 1085 the nation still exists under Ahmad II al-Musta'in.

List of Emirs

Zaragoza has been ruled by two different Dynasties:

Tujibid dynasty

  • Mundir I al-Tuybi al-Mansur: c.1013-1021/2
  • Yahya: 1021/2-1036
  • Mundir II: 1036-1038/9
  • 'Abd Allah: 1038/9

Huddid dynasty

  • Suleiman Al-Mustain I ibn Hud: 1038/9-1046
  • Muhammad al-Hayib Adud ad-Dawla (Calatayud): 1046/7-1066/7 with...
  • Lubb (Huesca): 1047-1048 and...
  • Mundir al-Hayib al-Zafir Nasir ad-Dawla (Tudela): 1047-1048/9 and...
  • Yusuf al-Muzaffar Sayf ad-Dawla (Lérida): 1047-1078/81 and...
  • Abu Ya'far Ahmad al-Muqtadir: 1046-1081 or 82/3
  • Yusuf al-Mu'tamin: 1081 or 82/3-1085
  • Ahmad II al-Musta'in: 1085-

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