Taft Failure Wiliam Taft Commited Suicide By Filipinos And Filipinos Win But Aguinaldo Killed By American Forces And American Forces Is Now Expelled From Philippines What if in 1899 American Failure To Win This Battles And Taft Killed By Filipinos Soldiers And Attempt To Attack Or Attempt To Win?.


During the war (1899-1901)


June- The war starts as a Filipino murders an American soldier due to a misunderstanding. Instead of blindly charging, Aguinaldo thinks for a moment and ensues the enemies in guerrilla warfare since the terrain suited this kind of warfare (Temperate forests) cripples the American army. Surprised and shocked, the Americans not knowing how to counter guerrilla warfare and completely underestimating the enemy succumbs to panic and does his best to secure his position.

August to November- A four month siege began The Battle of Manila, one of the bloodiest battles during the war. It was a major defeat of the Americans because they lost the capital to the rebels. Major losses on both sides (26,000 USA, 15,000 Phil)

Filipino soldiers near Manila Bay

 December- A short moment of peace during the war as both sides agreed for a two-month peace. Both sides rejoiced and shared everything from food to clothing. This is a breathtaking experience, seeing two enemies share, just being happy.


January- Even if the Americans promised they would stop fighting, at midnight a thousand American troops who were let in (since there was a peace treaty) Manila retook it and slaughtered everyone inside. The Filipinos half blind with rage, slaughtered the traitors and killed all enemies in sight.

February- The Americans attempt to bargain with the Filipinos, knowing loss was at hand. The Filipinos declined the offer of only their homeland and demanded for the ownership of the rest of the Philippines, Cuba, Hawaii and at least $2M for property damage. The Americans, desperate and scared of an amphibious invasion of their homeland (Their army and navy were both crippled) accepted the terms. Philippine Democracy was born with the president Miguel Malvar. (since Aguinaldo died during the Siege of Manila)

And Major Wins.

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