5th Roman Emperor

Roman Child Bust 75CE.jpg
Bust of Tacitus
Reign September 14, 794 -
July 7, 795
Predecessor Aemilius
Successor Corbulo
Regent Agrippina the Younger
Full name
Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
(to ascension)

Tacitus Caesar Augustus Germanicus
(as emperor)

Posthumous name
Imperator Tacitus Divi Domitius filius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Father Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus
Mother Agrippina the Younger
Born December 15, 790
Antium, Roman Empire
Died July 7, 795
Tacitus (Latin: Tacitus Caesar Augustus Germanicus; December 15, 790 - July 7, 795) was Roman Emperor for twelve months between September of 794 and July of 795, and the second during a period of civil war dubbed "The Anarchy", haven taken power after his supporters mobbed and murdered his predecessor, Aemilius . Being risen to the Principate at only the age of 3, Tacitus was the youngest Emperor in Rome's history. 

During much his reign, the young Emperor was overshadowed by his mother and regent, Agrippina the Younger, who oversaw the administration of the empire, military movements against two other pretenders to the principate (Domitius Corbulo and Publius Petronius). This merely left Tacitus as a figurehead, used by his mother as a way to legitimise her control of the nation whilst he remained under house arrest during his twelve months "in power". This power structure in Rome left many proconsuls/governors unimpressed with the situation in the capital, with some going as far as refusing to accept Tactitus as Caesar, only to have the provinces they governed levied with high taxes.

Following the defeat of the imperial army during the Battle of Saena on July  5, 795, the senate abandoned their support for Tacitus and his mother, and instead transferred it over to the victorious Domitius Corbulo who was preparing to march on Rome. On the night of July 7, as Corbulo was closing in on the capital, Agrippina, instead of handing herself over to the victor, smothered her son in his sleep, and proceeded to commit suicide by slicing her own throat. 

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