Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
Flag of Mononobe Shogunate (PM II)
Flag of Himekaidou
Location of Tokaido (PM II)
Location in Purple
(and largest city)
Seiga-shi (OTL Port Moresby)
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Taoism, Buddhism
Government Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
President Mononobe Katsutoyo
Prime Minister
Established 1521 (Original)
1709 (Re-Established)
Currency Japanese Yen

The Republic of Himekaidou, formerly known as Tōkaidō (東海道), is a nation located in Oceania.


Tōkaidō was established by Satomi Fukuzō in 1521.

In 1685, the Koori Union offered to purchase the islands off the coast of Tōkaidō in exchange for an alliance and membership to join the Koori Trading Company. Shogun Mononobe Akiyuki agreed to this deal, seeing as it could provide the Shogunate a large sum of profits, and sold them the islands. In 1700, Shogun Mononobe Mitsuhiko sold the rest of the colony to the Koori Union. Following the First World War/Fail War in 1705, the former colony was annexed to Italy via the colony of Nuovo Brescia. Later in 1709, the colony was sold back to the Mononobe Shogunate after a brief period of reconstruction and removal of the Koori influences by Italy.

Tōkaidō declared independence from Japan in 1817.


Tōkaidō/Himekaidou is a Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic.

List of Governor-Generals

  • Satomi Fukuzō (1521-1552)
  • Satomi Akimasa (1552-1580)
  • Satomi Kazuhisa (1580-1605)
  • Satomi Eishoku (1605-1633)
  • Mononobe Yūsei (1633-1659)
  • Mononobe Sadao (1659-1682)
  • Mononobe Katsutoyo (1682-1711)
  • Mononobe Yasuaki (1711-1743)
  • Mononobe Hiroshi (1743-1779)
  • Mononobe Tsuneo (1779-1800)
  • Mononobe Tsuneyuki (1800-1817)

List of Presidents

  • Mononobe Tsuneyuki (1817-1837)
  • Mononobe Hokuto (1837-1858)
  • Mononobe Masatoshi (1858-1874)
  • Mononobe Toshizō (1874-1899)
  • Mononobe Satsuki (1899-1914)
  • Shibusawa Eiichi (1914-1931)
  • Nobusuke Konoe (1931-1959)
  • Hayato Ikeda (1959-1986)
  • Yamamoto Tarō (1986-2003)
  • Yoko Komiyama (2003-)

List of Prime Ministers

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