The Aragonese battleship Témerres, underway in the Mediterranean

The term "Témerres" (Catalan for "fear nothing", or "dread nought") is applied to the predominant class of battleships. The first of the kind, the Aragonese Navy's Témerres featured an improved armor scheme, and an "all big-gun" armament, two features its predecessors lacked.

While the Témerres was the first operational ship of the type, the concept that bears its name is not new. A project to construct a ship that would've matched Témerres was conceived by Mexica in the late 1990s, in an attempt to gain an advantage over the European presences. Though this ultimately lead to nothing. Both Japan and Vinland were building Témerres-type battleships when Témerres herself was under construction, and the former had several semi-Témerres's in service.

While Témerres and her sister ships were coal-powered, it was discovered that oil-powered turbines offered much greater range. This, and along with the increasing popularity of the Autocar, has turned relative backwater states and regional powers into global powers and they discovered a previously disdained resource of theirs has significant value to the modern world. Within the past few years, a couple wars have been fought over this more-desired product, particularly in north-central Eriksbjod, as Vinland tries to obtain the tar sands there, and between Japan and Muscovy, over the vast oil reserves of Siberia.

The following states are in possession of Témerres-type battleships, in decreasing order of the number owned:

  1. Aragon
  2. Burgundy-Netherlands
  3. Mexica
  4. Japan
  5. Wessex
  6. Ayutthaya
  7. Brittany-Aquitaine
  8. Byzantium
  9. Denmark
  10. Jorvik
  11. Brunei
  12. The Hansa
  13. Tawantinsuyu
  14. Austria-Bohemia
  15. China
  16. Poland-Lithuania-Ruthenia
  17. Muscovy
  18. Prussia
  19. Novgorod

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